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Total War: Three Kingdoms Save Game Download

If you have played any of the episode of Total War, then trust me, you are gonna love the latest and 12th entry in the series, Total War: Three Kingdoms. It has been named the best of the Total War series so far. From story to graphics and gameplay, everything has been impressive.

The all new Total War: Three Kingdoms puts you in the age of heroes & legends. It is the year 190 AD in China. You have a chance to prove if you are a Conqueror. The only way to capture the city or to win the siege battle is by eliminating all the opponent generals.

In this turn-based strategy real-time tactics video game, you get to choose from legendary Warlords, you can create your own force recruiting heroic characters to dominate your enemies, and lots more. Total War Three Kingdoms also introduces the very interesting GUANXI system where every general will form social connections and relationships with others in the game. In other words, it is the Chinese concept of dynamic inter-relationships. You are just going to enjoy this Total War: Three Kingdoms.

If you were looking for Total War: Three Kingdoms Save Game file, go ahead and download it right away from the below provided download button. It just take one click to get the file on your desktop. Make sure to extract or copy these save files at the proper save game directory or else it will not work. Just to be on safer side, always backup your original save file before replacing it with any other downloaded ones.

Total War Three Kingdoms Save Game

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