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A Beginner’s Guide for Total War: Three Kingdoms

Total War Three Kingdom, developed by Creative Assembly, launched on May 23. It is already been in news after the launch but those who don’t know anything about the game, here we are giving the tips and tricks about the same. Basically, it is going to be a guide which will help you to ace the game.

Introduction about the Three War Kingdom:-

Total War Three Kingdom is a period game based on the lives of warriors of China. The historical strategy game will pretty much occupy your mind. To win this game you should be sharp and cunning. The game will surely demand diplomacy and instant decision at a time.

Preview of Game:- those who are totally new with historical combat concept here we are going to give you a brief preview about the game and how you can survive it. Basically, the game has two modes

  1. Romance Mode:- The mode is famous for bringing another level of experience like bombastic, solo dwells, leadership skills, etc to the game. This mode is preferred when you look for a face off in the games. In my opinion, this mode is best suited to the concept of the game.
  1. Records Mode:- This mode will connect with the ground. As soon as you enter this you will found yourself surrounded by a bodyguard.

But both the modes are strategic and require a lot of techniques to ace it like a pro. The game will unify all of China. You will see the glimpse of China in it.

Battles:- You will see a total of six battles in games. All six battles are historical. These battles are:

  1. Battle of Xingyang (190 AD) – Cao Cao vs. Xu Rong
  2. Conquest of Jiangdong (196 AD) – Sun Ce vs. Wang Lang
  3. Siege of Xiapi (199 AD) – Cao Cao vs. Lu Bu
  4. Stand at Changban (208 AD) – Zhang Fei vs. Cao Cao
  5. Battle of Red Cliffs/Battle of Chi Bi (208 AD) – Sun Quan vs. Cao Cao
  6. Invasion of Jing Province (219 AD) – Guan Yu vs. Lu Meng

The new concept you will see in this game is tech reforms and trees which adds themes, time period and much more.

The Campaign Map:- You will found the campaign map which will provide you small or large detail about the location in game. This is available before the game and it will be a major help.

Leaders:- As the game is based on the historical drama, you will see faction leaders in the game. There are total of 5 kinds of factions leaders, as following:

  • Coalition
  • Governors
  • Outlaws
  • Tyrant faction
  • Yellow Turbans

All these leaders have different functions according to the game.

Characters:- According to the gameplay, it is obvious that you will go to see a lot of characters in games at a different instance.These characters are specially categorized under Wu Xing and they give color coding to each.The character are specially divided into Character Classes which are as following:

  • Commanders(earth/yellow)
  • Vanguards(fire/red)
  • Champions(wood/green)
  • Sentinels(metal/grey)
  • Strategist(water/blue)

Ancillaries:- Under this it will allow you rank, job, and title and a right to choose a weapon, armor mounts, and other accessories. So it is quite important for the game.

Diplomacy:- You need to be diplomatic to ace the game, the game is all about diplomacy and cunningness.

Espionage:- In this cool feature, it will allow you to chose any army leader from games. You can spy on anyone in the game According to your need.The roles which they can have is:

  • Court Noble
  • Administrator
  • General
  • Family

Retinues:- it is basically small units of the officer which is helpful for games. To make the best possible use of officer or team member in game, retinues is must use. You can decide or make the composition of team member according to your strategy in the game.

Other than this you will see family, court, and assignment.Public order and corruption unit is also available in the game. To get the best out of it is explore it as much as you can.Game offers flexibility to replace officer. This can be done by any means. You are also allowed to employ them.

This is all you need to know about the Total War Three Kingdoms. The game is vast and there’s so much to discuss but the trick is to go for it and learn it step by step while playing it.

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