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Download Tor Browser APK: Safest Mobile Web Browser with VPN

We spend most of the time on mobile browser searching for things. Other than their own application some of the social networking sites have web browser access too. There’s one more browser which is a center of attraction for this article. The browser which we are discussing is Tor. We don’t know whether you have heard of it or not but this article will give you sufficient information regarding the browser.

As far as we know Tor is considered as the most reliable and safe browser. The reason for same is developers who are masters behind this web browser gave a lot of thought to user’s privacy. This is the reason it is considered as one of the safest browsers till date.

The engineers behind the web browser made a deep search engine which is to make sure users safety and all history remain safe within the browser. They protect the user’s identity too. The browser is already been in news because of its security. Adding to this we have some more good for users.

Recently it has been announced by the developers of Tor to launching a beta version for Android phones. The version is out now and can be downloaded easily. However there is no confirmation about the iPhone users, perhaps the application will take some more time to be available on iOS devices.

The reason for downloading Tor can be anything but the main reason is it provides anonymity to the users. People have to pay a little concern about their safety and identity. Browser is fast and makes things easy. Those who are not worried about safety, can try Tor as a second option or just for fun, it won’t cost you anything. The application supports VPN for users who are concerns about their identity over the internet.

Tor Browser

Tor is just here to make life easy and the good thing about the browser is it is absolutely free. It won’t cost a single penny; users can download it for free from PlayStore. Other than this, you can also download its APK File from below link. 

Some users at very first time found the application very much similar to Firefox browser which is not at all odd, both are browser and little similarity can be allowed to happen. The thing which stands out Tor from the existing browser is instead of connecting directly to the website it creates encrypting servers which are highly protective.

In short, we can say that if you are the one who is anxious about the identity or safety over the internet then Tor is your choice. You can blind folded pick up this application. It will not going to disappoint you. This is all we know about the Web browser so far. If you haven’t used it yet, go and check it out and let us know the reaction.

Download TOR APK | Download Tor from PlayStore

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