How to enable and use Chromecast’s Screen Mirroring on any Phone

Chromecast’s Screen Mirroring is a great option through which you can control different screen through your Smartphone. Today I am going to show you a simple process through which you can enable this thing and it will give you a great support to use your widescreen TV through your phone. All you need is a good wifi connection here and android device that will help you to enable the same.

It is one of the biggest feature which is missing up and will  slowly come to devices. But fortunately we got one easy way of doing this a bit early. The feature usually works on many Smartphone’s and tablet. But it is tested on Nexus 5 device where it worked really well. And on Samsung Galaxy S5 also. It is amazing and offers you minimum latency. You can simply share your phone screen on your TV to get a much wider resolution.

As I said it is good if you have a really great wifi connection. If you face any lagging issue then you have to disconnect the other devices connected on the same wifi network. You have to stop video streaming and disable any download. So let’s move ahead to enable this thing and smart  Chromecast’s Screen Mirroring features.

Process 1:

  • The feature work through Chromecast Android app that you can find on Google Play. It is one of the most common app which is easy to use and it supports many devices. The app output is not limited to Samsung Galaxy S5 or Nexus 5. Just download the app in your device.
  • You can also find the list of compatible devices. If you are not really sure whether this thing is going to work on your device or not. A new update is soon going to roll out which will bring out the feature on your phone. Popular devices like Nexus 5 or 7 works well along with high end Samsung Galaxy Series. Any high end device is going to work well with  Chromecast’s Screen Mirroring.
  • If you done with that, download and install Chromecast app from Google play. If you get any error then you have to simply enable the unknown sources from settings.
  • After installation just launch the application. You will get a screen option in that. You can access that form the side navigation menu.
  • If you own a Nexus device then you can do that directly from the settings. You have to go in display and then tap on Cast Screen to begin. The screen mirroring option will start.
  • And if you are not having Nexus then you can do that through Chromecast app. Just install the app and configure your YouTube account in that. This will help you to connect the device with any widescreen TV by taping in cast screen.


Process 2:

  • There is one more way to do the same thing. You can use Mirror Enabler for the same.
  • Just install that first on your device. You have to install SQLite also for the same. SQLite will only work if your device is rooted. So this is a secondary process for those phone who have root access.
  • Once done launch the app and then click on install. The app will add sql in the device.
  • Once done launch  Mirror Enabler and tap on button under Mirror Status. This will launch the Chromecast app where you have to tap on Cast Screen.
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