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Top 7 features of Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 Update

Updated Nokia Camera App:

Cyan Update Camera

Lumia Cyan Windows 8.1 update brings a updated Nokia Camera App. This updated app is faster and take much better photos. It is designed with simple ui. You can access the camera buttons with simple swipe. Using it is much more simpler and you can easily take a different photo from the same. You can get a perfect shot from the same. You can take images through Smartshots which automatically manages the camera settings. It has a refocus picture through which you can take more clear photos and the default Cinemagraphs

Nokia Story Teller:

story of your life

This time this app is more accurate. You have a bit more effects in it through which you can create amazing story as per your need. You can use your images to take make nice story video and you can add different thing on the same. For example photo location information and you can instantly share that on facebook by tapping on a single share button.

Creative Studio:

Cyan Creative Studio

This app help you to edit pictures and make them better. Just taking the pictures is not enough. You can simply open them up in Creative Studio and you can modify the images as per your need. You can enhance and make them more better. Through different filters available in the same you can add effects and create unique images.

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