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LG G3 Tips and Tricks

After a long time LG really impressed people with the release of LG G3. A smart and easy to use android smartphone with great features and set of good hardware configuration. This phone is loaded with amazing big size screen and great display quality. It also offer you a outstanding hardware so that you can run various games on it and install different apps. It is a nice high end device that also brings up many smart gesture features. Today I am going to show you different tips and tricks through which you can use your phone more effectively.

You can enjoy a smooth scrolling and also you can modify various things in the same. This kind of Smartphone comes with so many hidden features which many are not aware. LG G3 comes powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 801processor. This one is a high end cpu with 2GB RAM. A 3G RAM edition is also available in the market. LG G3 offer you an amazing 5.5″ QHD display on the front. This one is a big screen with really smooth touch interface. Here you get a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 at 538ppi. It come with dual camera support. A 2.1 MP is placed on the front and a 13 MP is on the backside. This camera is supported by optical image stabilization. You get Laser Auto Focus that makes image very clear even while your hand is shaking. It runs on3000 mAh battery.

Overall LG G3 is a great phone with good features. Lets checkout some latest tips of this device.

Knock Code:

Knock Code

LG G3 has s smart know gesture support. You can knock your phone to turn on the screen, you can knock it to put the device on sleep or simply unlock the screen. This is smart feature.

Smart Notice:

G3 Smart Notice

LG G3 comes equipped with Smart Notice feature. A feature that gives you information about all your missed call and messages that you had forget to check. It will smartly notify you about your missing alerts. This help you to get all information instantly.

Quick Circle Case:

G3 Quick Circle

LG offer you a smart game that works well with LG G3. This case itself come loaded with a smart alert option. That means you can find out your text message, you can check alerts and even you can make calls through the case.

Dual Window:

Dual window is getting a common feature today. This allow you to use two apps at the same time. LG G3 also come loaded with a Multi Window where you can work with two apps and enjoy more output.

The Camera:

G3 Smart Camera

LG G3 has an amazing camera. The camera is not just limited to high megapixel but something more. You get an amazing  optical image stabilization features. Through which you can take nice images even when you are moving. It has a Low light shooting mode that produce bright images without flash and laser auto focus to keep things clear. The 13-megapixel camera is just great and it is something really impressive. It brings out more thing like burst mode, smart selfie, etc. The front facing camera of LG G3 has a flash which no other phone offers.

Guest Mode:

LG G3 has a guest mode option. This help you to enable a private mode. Turn on Guest mode and then give your phone to your friends or family member. They will not be able to check out your personal stuff.

Smart Bulletin:

This one is for those who wants to find out more information through a filter based search. You can track your health status through this, you can find different tutorials and many more options via Smart Bulletin.

Smart Keyboard:

Smart keyboard

LG G3 has a very simple to use keyboard. For any phablet if the keyboard is not nice it is hard to work on the phone. Especially for those who are chatting always. LG G3 has a smart keyboard instead of regular one. Here you get adjustment keyboard width. You can configure gesture and also do a lot more things to make your typing more perfect.

Quad HD Display:

G3 Quad HD Display

LG G3 brings a 5.5inch HD display that is amazing and it offer you great output. I am quite sure you will never get tired working on this phone. Every image is crisp and clear. It is fun to watch movies on the same. The phone is great for watching g hd videos.

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