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iOS 13: Every New Feature You Need to Know

iOS 13 is all set to roll the odds against the biggest and only rival Android which covers about 90% of the world’s phones. The first beta build is already out now couple of days ago on June 3, 2019.

Apple has recently highlighted the main features of the iOS 13 including Dark Mode, new camera tools and new keyboard but as always we can expect for some more surprising features from iOS 13 at the time of actual release later this year in September.

Surprisingly, there is a big change in Apple’s strategy. iOS 13 will not be available for the Apple’s own tablets i.e iPads, the company has planned a new OS just for the iPads known as the iPadOS. Since, it is based on iOS for iPhones, there will be a lot similarities. Take a look at the complete list of new features in iOS 13 in detail:

iOS 13 : Dark mode

One of the main features of iOS is the Dark mode, which is very much in trend these days and also a useful feature. It basically changes the screen to light colours which are eye-friendly and puts lesser strain on the eyes when enabled. It is available for the entire core apps in iOS 13 including calendar, music and photos app.

iOS 13 : Swipe Keyboard

The new iOS 13 comes with a Swipable keyboard which is very useful for one handed typing. It is called QuickPath Typing and is faster and accurate while providing spelling suggestions. This is the Apple’s way to take on against Android, which has provided swiping keyboard through a number of third party apps.

iOS 13 : New Camera and Photos Tools

Apple has added many new tools for photos and camera. Portrait lighting is a new tool included in your iPhone’s camera app that offers lighting effects to smooth out your skin while taking portraits. There are many new editing filters called vignette, vibrance, auto enhance and noise reduction.

With the new photo tab, you can now delete the duplicate photos and highlight your best photos. There are also new photo and video editing features. You can now adjust the photo by tapping and dragging it with fingers.

You can rotate your video if it is in wrong orientation and edit it as well by applying various effects and filters to it. Moreover, the photos app will organize the photos according to the year, month and date by itself.

iOS 13 : Siri Audio Update

Yes, Apple’s own voice assistant, Siri gets an audio update. It will have a new smoother and soothing sound. Using a neural talk-to-speak network, Siri will now speak with lesser gaps and other non-human sound modulations. It will also work well with other attachments including AirPods and HomePod.

iOS 13 : Find My Phone and Find My Friends are now combined

Find My Phone and Find My Friends are now rolled into a single application called Find My. It will find the nearby friends and also help you in finding missing phone even when the device is not connected to the internet. Because, the tool is encrypted, it won’t let the thief reboot your iPhone unless you do it.

iOS 13 : New Privacy Features

Apple has added extra privacy features to the iOS 13. You don’t need to add your email address for logging in to various apps. It will protect you from third party app tracking. In simpler words, Apple won’t share your email address. However, Apple will use your device to authenticate your credentials when you sign in. Users can simply authenticate with Face ID feature, without sharing the personal information.

Apart from it, you can also hide your email address and can create a random email for the app that will redirect to your actual email ID, hence hiding your real identity. Another good thing is, iOS 13 will not allow the apps like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to track your location unless you want it. It asks for the user permission each time.

iOS 13 : Memoji avatars to Messages.

Messaging apps will get a Memoji support. In case you don’t know, Memoji is an emoji of your face. Thus, you can incorporate your own emoji in your messages. You can customise the Memoji by creating makeup looks and can even add minute details like putting braces to your teeth.

iOS 13 :  Shortcuts App

iOS 13 will enable you to create personalised shortcuts by using a new Shortcuts app. In addition to these highlighted features, there are also a number of new additions in the iOS 13. Check these out too!

Mail: It will have amazing new fonts.

Notes: It is a new gallery view and comes along the support for shared folders.

Reminders: It will enable you to add details for when and where to accomplisha task.

Smart lists: This will allow you totag a person for sending a notification to another person. For ex : This will be helpful in setting up a time to talk.

Maps: The Maps app is likely to get aCarplay support by the end of this year. You can now looks out for roads, buildings, parks and can tag places. You can also share the list of your favourites with your family and friends. The app will provide a high definition 3D view of the area.

You can now send call spam straight to voice mail and silence unknown callers. There will be a Mute option provided in Mails app. You can even add attachments to the events in Calendar.

There will be time-synced lyrics at the time you play the music. There will be the support for 3D AR apps like Minecraft Earth.  The Face ID unlocking in iOS 13  is 30 percent faster.

New and Rich fonts.

iOS will sport 2x faster launch speed. There will also be low data mode support. There will be 38 new language keyboardsand also the language selection per app.

iOS 13 : Release Date

As you already know, the first beta has rolled out recently on June 3 at WWDC 2019. It is likely that the iOS 13 public beta may be out later in this month. The final beta is set to get released in early September this year and the final and official release of iOS 13 will take place later in September alongside the launch of new iPhones.

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