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WhatsApp to Get Ads: Here’s 10 Things You Need to Know

Facebook keeps working to make WhatsApp better every day, the most used Messaging app around the world. And now, they are also introducing Advertisements too in WhatsApp, after so many years of being one of the most popular Apps on any mobile platform.

Facebook has decided to monetize WhatsApp by showing advertisement into it. According to the information from an event held in Netherlands, Facebook is very soon taking this step to earn more from world’s most popular app Whatsapp. Earlier also we have heard speculations about Whatsapp, that is going to have ads in the future, but there were no confirmations. This time the speculations are confirmed in one of the conferences held in Netherlands.

Facebook in its recent marketing submit revealed the information. In October 2018 also, Facebook confirmed that Ads will be shown in the Whatsapp but later no date was given for that.

Whatsapp Ads

We have complied all the reports and rumors here to provide you more insights of the whole story.

  • For now, it’s been confirmed that the ads will be shown from 2024 but there are no exact details of that.
  • The ads shown in the Whatsapp would be the major source of income for the company. Facebook has decided to make the most out of the Whatsapp ads and earn much as possible.
  • Whatsapp stories are the place where ads will be shown in Whatsapp. There will be some improvement in Whatsapp user experience also.
  • The ads will be just similar to the way it shown in other apps. The ads will cover the whole screen and you have to tap the screen to get the more information.
  • The Whatsapp ads will entirely cover the area of Whatsapp status and there is good news for those who don’t use Whatsapp status they will not have to see the ads.
  • Whatsapp ads will work in similar manner to Instagram stories. You have to swipe just like you do in Instagram stories. You will have to swipe the promotional page that you are interested in just like you do in Instagram. Though ads are very annoying but still this way of showing ads will cause less pain to the users.
  • It is also in the rumors that Facebook Instagram ad Whatsapp will be integrated as they all will work on same underlying principle. They will be having same integrated infrastructure in the coming future.
  • The messaging format will also get richer now. Whatsapp message will include text with pdf in a message with text now. There will be more improvement in QR code feature also.
  • For business purpose Facebook is testing a feature where they will allow the product catalog of the Whatsapp business users to directly load into the Whatsapp enhancing user experience for Whatsapp business users.
  • The users who runs their business on Facebook and Instagram can will get their accounts liked directly on Whatsapp and can receive messages ad calls there also.

This would be interesting to see how the users of the Whatsapp will react to the new add-on features and how they accept the ads.

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