PUBG Update 0.13.0 Features Godzilla Event, New Emote, Bizon Gun, Kar98k Skin and More

The most popular online games among the all has released its new update. Guessing which one? Yes, PUBG Mobile!

For the PUBG Fans, Tencent game has released its update 0.13.0 which I hope a lot of you must be eagerly waiting for. Earlier Tencent has released its season 7 which includes the update version 0.12.5 and now we have come to know that 0.13.0 is out in the beta version. The updates that PUBG received is very frequent making it more exciting for the gamers.

The new beta update is available for download on PlayStore and iOS.  Earlier downloading beta version of PUBG was not easy but this time its quite a lot easy to get it. Popular Youtuber Mr. Ghost shares a story which helps us in provide a clear picture of what PUBG new update will look like.

Godzilla and Ghidorah outfits
Godzilla and Ghidorah outfits

Godzilla Team Deathmatch Event:

The game will feature scene from the upcoming movie Godzilla 2: The king of the Monsters. The company has released a video announcing a partnership with Godzilla.  The game will feature an event where you will see new avatars, avatar frames and new event modes called Team Deathmatch. There will be a 9-10 minutes match between the teams and those who kills the most will win the match. There will be an Easter egg where you can see Godzilla in the Erangel. The whole scene makes the game more enthralling.

Bizon Gun: –

The game will have a new addon in the kit of the weapons. There will be a Bizon gun. Although we have not seen it yet This feature is available in PUBG PC. This is a Russian submachine gun with a large capacity helical magazine. This will be seen in the Erangel and Vikendi maps.

Kar98k Lab skin

This is gun lab which you can receive by looking for seven researches. You can achieve them by gathering paints and materials from creates and rewards. This is very powerful gun and looks quite impressive also. This is customizable gun.  The other customizable guns after M416, M16A4 and the UZI in the gun lab.

Vikendi Map:

This map of Vikendi is now downloadable.  You can download the maps and can enjoy it. In the maps, there is a secret cave which is unlocked. The cave give you access to level 3 loot and some of the very rare guns which includes AWM AND AUG A3.  The mas is very clear and shows various routes in the snow clapped mountains. The maps have very less bugs and glitches making it comfortable for the players to play the game. There is some new building added to the game.

You can see all other features of PUBG Mobile 0.13.0 Beta Update in this video:

Note that – these are all the features in the beta version of the game. This might be possible that some of features will not come in the stable version of the game. As this is the beta version, only those features will come which will be stable in the upcoming game. For more exciting updates stay tuned to our website.

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