LG Launches World’s First 8K OLED TV

LG has set a new benchmark in TV technology by bringing the ‘World’s First 8K OLED TV’ offering a luxurious experience to the users. The TV has the best 8k resolution that will provide the best sharp experience. It is already available for purchase in Korea from 3rd June and will be available in North America and Europe from the third quarter this year.

About the pricing, LG 8K OLED TV will start from around $42,000. It is incredibly slim and has a stunning design. The 8K resolution is two times better than the cutting-edge 4K displays, which provides sharp and crisp pictures rich in colours and clarity.

LG OLED TV 8K has power to upscale the content in any resolution to 8K resolution, that means you will get the bestest ever experience. The TV is powered by a powerful AI processor capable of moving 60 frames per seconds. It also analyse the screen to optimize the quality for removing noise.

The OLED comes with per-pixel’s self illumination nature and does not use backlight panels which washes out the entire screen. Also, the black tight pixels ensure the stunning contrast ratio and dynamic range. The TV has 33 million pixels with very less gaps between them and with a 7,680 x 4,320 pixel resolution which is sixteen times more than the Full HD.


With such incredible features, LG is giving tough competition to its rivals including Samsung, who recently announced it’s OLED and QLED 8K television series. By bringing the OLED 8K to the market, LG is mainly focusing on the luxurious homes. No doubt, LG has always offered promising products to their customers, we hope the OLED 8K television keep the level up for the LG.

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