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How to Slay the Dragon in ESO Elsweyr

The Elder Scrolls Online also abbreviated as ESO is a multiplayer game created by ZeniMax Online Studios. The game is published by Bethesda Softworks. However, the game was launched in 2014 since then makers were working on something new to offer. And it seems like now is the time. We got Elder Scrolls Online Elsweyr.

This is something new offered by the ESO. The trailer seems to be promising and bring back to us on a period of dragons but the real trouble here is for gamers who loved this game but don’t know how to act. As we know dragons are hard to deal with so it is quite obvious for users to look for guide or tips and tricks to ace that part of the game. The real question here is How to Slay your dragon?

 People are looking for the clear cut process but the creators keep in mind the people trouble and they put their 100 percent in making the characters stronger than ever which is obvious what is the fun of the game if you can easily beat the dragon. So let’s understand the whole process sequentially.

 What do you see in Elsweyr?

So we all know the Elder Scrolls Online- Elsweyr is a part where you see the dragons. The new season is phrased as the season of dragons. In this particular, you will chase and hunt the dragon which creators pre-decided to make it quite a difficult ride for gamers. You have to hunch down the enemies all across the game. Developers offered modes whose sole purpose is to increase the level of difficulty in a game. The things which keep you alive in a game is unity and don’t think of slaying the dragon all alone, I can bet on this, it won’t go well.

So let’s move to part, how to kill the dragon in the game?

 The very first thing is an attack in Team. Don’t even try to fly solo. You may find it difficult to deal with the greatest enemy of the game. Users faced difficulty in attacking dragons. So it is wise to decide your position. Positioning is the key. Some players opting Skyrim technique to attack dragons from behind but it can be a counter attack on yourself, if the dragon comes to know about the players in behind, it can literally swipe its tails to make players miserable.

 To make you save from the fireball attack of dragons, the key is to break the line of sight which makes them confuse. Players will also notice the cone based attack usually called as Shout of power. You can block this attack but it may cause you some minor harm which is bearable.

Scorch is an attack in which dragons uses its breath to set the ground a flame. To survive this, wait for the dragon to fly in your direction and then counter-attack on it in strafe mode which can be dangerous but you have to take your chances.

 As the newest feature, you will face a new character named Nahviintaas. It will arrive at the golden temple when all of the other dragons took over the Elsweyr. You can consider it a super enemy of the game. The super enemy has its two bodyguards which are named as dragon generals so before dealing with the super enemy first you have to kill the other two generals.

 Overall the game is full of challenges and makers made everything quite hard. But it is worth after each challenge the reward you receive is worth an effort like you will achieve the title Sunspire Conqueror if you ace the veteran difficulty successfully. You will reward yourself with title Godslayer if you beat the dragons in 30 minutes in a single attempt. Magicka is a life savior in the game you literally don’t want to miss it.

 Basically, hard work pays off. Every fight in the game will reward you something. The key is to keep yourself wide awake in the game and pay attention to everything.

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