GTA 6 Release Date: Did They Delayed the Launch of Grand Theft Auto 6?

Lately, there has been a lot of news spreading all over the internet about the Rockstar studios next big thing. Grand Auto Theft 6, also abbreviated as GTA 6. Rumors are all about the release of the game and what probably we will see in the next version of the game. A lot of people were commenting about this in the past days. But it seems like all of the things which we were hearing are a big bluff.

There is no official confirmation from Rockstar and it is quite obvious for now that you will not see GTA 6very soon. The reason for saying that is one YouTuber named ChampChong who have more than 900,000 subscribers made a huge statement about the release GTA 6. It is very much obvious that he had done his very homework wisely about the game. He analyzed every launch of the franchise then made an official statement.

Users must have their questions about the game, putting a hold on everything, here we are clearing the doubts who is eagerly waiting for the launch Grand Theft Auto 6.

When will you see GTA 6?

It has been cleared by the YouTuber that people have to wait for launch until 2024 – 2024. Observing the patterns of GTA 4 and GTA 5, the guy claimed that most probably the studio will release GTA 6 trailer in 2019, this is also categorized under the big rumor regarding the game.

Some of the websites are claiming that the Rockstar studios want to surprise their fan, that’s the reason for all this secrecy of next GTA. They will drop a trailer in 2019 as a big surprise to gamers. Drawing any conclusions from this rumor is too early. We have to wait for a while if there is any truth in this news we will get the sign soon.

GTA 6 Gameplay

Why So Much Delay:

Now the next big question is which is haunting all our users is why so much delay in the game? It’s been 6 years since the last launch; so people are wondering about why Rockstar is taking so much time for the next launch. As far as we know, the reason for the same is the advancement in technology. The previous launch was made in 2013, since then a lot has been changed.

For starters in 2013 the game was launched on PS1 and PS2 and that time is phrased as the era of PS1 and PS2. But soon Xbox made its entry in the market. With the launch of Xbox 360 and PS3, everything changed. So it is quite obvious for the developers to take time because they have to make a whole new engine and it also requires the generation of new consoles.

Above all we have to keep our faith alive in makers and trust the timing of the game. All we are hoping for the game to be great and bring back the enlightenment whenever it launches.

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