Battlefield 5 Chapter 4 – Defying The Odds: New Maps Revealed, Max Rank Increasing

The sixteenth installment of the iconic Battlefield series, Battlefield V is one of the interesting games at present. It was released on November 20, 2018 for Microsoft Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. The game is based on World War II and has affects of previous Battlefield chapters.

Battlefield is recently featured on EA play and a lot of new content has been revealed in the E3 presentation including the new maps. Due to the fact that the game didn’t get much attention at its launch, EA has tried to made it more addictive by introducing new content including the upcoming maps.

Battlefield V, Chapter 4: Defying The Odds

EA has released Chapter 4: Defying The Odds, by introducing four new maps. Apart from new maps, Chapter 4 features many elite characters, new skins and weapons. Adding to the benefits, there is also an increase in the ranks. The cap got increased up to 500, there will be new dog tags at every 50 ranks.

Below are the Battlefield 5 New Maps:

EA has introduced 4 new maps and all these maps will take place nearer the Mediterranean front. There will be plenty of vegetation and beautiful environment in the region.


It is the first new map which will be placed somewhere in the African desert. There will be wide spaces and playable areas for the players. They can drive freely and take part in battles. The map is a single player “Under No Flag” mission. The map will come in June.


Marita is the second map which will be introduced in July. The map is located on a mountain cliff and will have plenty of hills and buildings. Players can use vast locations for playing freely and acting the gun fires on to the enemies. Marita is controlled by the allies where the Axis troops tries to get in. It will feature streets for close-quarter combat.

Operation Underground

Operation Underground is the third upcoming map of Battlefield 5. As the name suggests, it is an underground battlefield and is quite similar to Operation Metro in previous Battlefield chapters. It will come in October in between chapter 4 and 5.

Apart from these maps, there will be two other close-quarter maps which will be introduced later. These are called Lofoten Islands and Provence. However, there is no information about these two yet. We can expect the details of these maps to come later in the end of summers.

As we mentioned earlier, the maximum rank in the Battlefield 5 has now increased from 50 to 500 as revealed by DICE. If you want some clues about Battlefield’s 5’s fifth chapter, here are these. It will feature US and Japanese troops. It will be returning to the Pacific theater and there will be new locations including one where battle of Iwo Jima takes place.

So, this was all about the Battlefield 5’s new reveals. Keep reading us, as we will be surely updating the latest news about the upcoming content.

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