Days Gone Free DLC Brings Survival Mode [Download Now]: Everything You Need To Know

Days Gone, which is fan’s favourite survival game has got a new update recently. The update brings Survival Difficulty Mode and new challenges to the game to make it more interesting. There will be combat, bike and horde challenges and the players will get special rewards on successful completion of these challenges.

PlayStation 4 has got the Survival Difficulty Mode exclusively. It is a step ahead of the current hard mode and has introduced more stronger enemies which you can’t get rid of using Fast Travel and an immersive HUD option which “increases tension by removing enemy awareness indicator and outlines.”

Know that, the Survival Difficulty Mode is just one out of many planned updates for the game.

Moreover, Players can only temporarily activate the new HUD through Survival vision and also it is not visible throughout the game.

On completion of the Survival Difficulty Mode, players will vet special rewards. These rewards include new bike,  skins and amazing exclusive trophies.

As per the latest launch video for DLC, which is just released last week, gives a  fair idea about what new changes and features the players of Days Gone can expect from the game in the upcoming months.

Although the Survival Difficulty Mode has been announced officially, there is no official announcement for the free content update.

Now, as we mentioned above, there is a new immersive HUD option that comes along the Survival Difficulty Mode. This HUD disables the ability to scan the enemies and outline them and also it will not display map radar. Players can only temporarily activate it using the survival vision. All of this makes the stealth even more difficult and bring a lot of pressure and hard work.

About the new challenges, there are total 12 challenges that will be available for the players. These challenges are categorized between combat, bikes and hordes.

The best thing is, there will be new challenge every week, so that players will have something new every time throughout the summer. Also,the online leaderboard will be employed for each challenge.

As we already discussed, the players will get rewards for completing the challenges and earning good scores. The rewards like new bike, skin and new patches will be used to increase Decon’s stats, similarly new rings will improve weapon stats.

Moreover, players can also replay the challenges after unlocking the rings. For doing so, they will get the scoring modifiers in selected challenges.

The First Challenge : Surrounded

The first challenge is called “Surrounded”. In this challenge, the task is to survive an infinite horde in the town of Sherman’s Camp. The longer you survive against the Freakers, the better will be your score. There will be a ticking clock which will stop when all the Freakers are killed. Along with it, there will also be several sub-challenges like environmental kills, collectin gears and headshot.

So, this was the first challenge. There will be challenges per week which will make the game even more interesting.

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