Gmail’s ‘Dynamic Email’Coming on 2nd July: Its the Feature Everybody Wants

Few months ago, Google introduced AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) to Gmail which made it possible to embed interactive content inside the email content. This is a very useful feature especially for the marketing purpose. And now they are all set to roll out yet another very important feature to Gmail called “Dynamic Email”.

The Dynamic Emails will now allow users to interact from within the email itself. This means, they do not have to visit the page from another window. Google has announced that these AMP based dynamic email will be made available to all the Gmail as well as G Suite users from 2nd of July.

Currently, the Beta build of Dynamic Email is available for Gmail Web users.

As we mentioned above, this is a great feature for the marketing purpose, the companies can add interactive content inside their emails and target their customers. On getting these emails, users can directly interact with them and perform various actions like RSVP for events, filling out surveys, giving feedback, posting comments, visit and lookout websites and many more from within the email.

Before this feature, the Google Docs users can only view the comments on their Google doc within the email. But now with the introduction of dynamic email, it became much more convenient and time saving. The dynamic emails will allow the Google Docs users to reply to the comments and post directly from the Gmail without leaving the current screen.

This is by far the biggest and amazing feature of Gmail. The dynamic email feature will support most of the platform including Chrome, Opera, Safari, Android and iOS.

A number of businesses are already using the dynamic emails for increasing their sales and profit because it allows the customers to take actions faster and respond to the offers directly from email. For example, If you want to book a hotel room, you can directly checkout the room and boom them from the email itself, you will not need to visit the website.

Apart from marketing, dynamic email will allow the Gmail users to save a lot time and work more easily as well as quickly.

Google has approved many companies to use the dynamic emails. These include Despegar, Ecwid, Freshworks, Nexxt and redBus. Although these are a few at this moment, but sooner there will be more and more companies as soon as the feature gets popular.

Moreover, Pinterest has incorporated dynamic emails to facilitate its users. They can now browse and save pins from the emails itself. Likewise, you can take actions to a number of emails coming to your inbox.

The good about dynamic emails is that, Google will assess each company before approving them to use dynamic emails, this mean you don’t have to be worried about getting dynamic emails from the strange or fraud companies.

Since, Dynamic Email option will be enabled by default, you can even disable it if you don’t like. If your dynamic email option is not enabled by default, turn on the display external images option in the Gmail settings menu.

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