Microsoft Xbox Scarlett Project: The new Console with Cloud Streaming Service

Good news for all gamers. Recently Microsoft has released its gaming plans for the upcoming year. No doubt they have a lot of stuff in their bags to offer. Microsoft was working on round the clock on their new Project Scarlet which is going to be launched soon. The project has been in the news for quite a long time because of it’s promising stuff. Let’s discuss in brief what this project Scarlet is and what they are going to offer to Gamers.

 What is Project Scarlet?

Basically, Project Scarlet is Microsoft gaming platform on which they are working for the last few years. It is also said that the project’s other name is Xbox 2024 Console. The system is all new and packed with lots of fun stuff. Talking about new it has been said that it has AMD CPU and SSD. Those who are wondering if new console will replace the old games, so hold your horses, you’re safe in that department. It has been confirmed that Scarlet will support all the old games with some new games too.

The console will be designed to support all multiplayer games. They didn’t divert the purpose of a console as said by the makers the console is solely designed for gaming purpose. This new console will be a perfect solution for gamers.

Other than this they also promised to launch the streaming system, Xcloud which will be available in the market in October. Microsoft in its 2 hours long conference announced so many things about the new launch.

Gamers are all excited with the news as the Scarlet is bringing around 60 plus games and the surprising factor is around 14 plus game is from Microsoft’s own Xbox library. Many of the games are super-fresh and will definitely be going to bring entertainment back in the gaming industry.

If you are very much aware of all the new games, you must have heard about the all-new Halo Infinite which is been news for quite some time. It has been said about the games that will be available in 2024. The storyline of the game is gripping and drawing attention towards the game. As far as we know it is the story of a lonely engineer who gets stuck in space. It is the story of his struggle during that hard time. Other than this elder Ring will also be available in the market. The game is famous because of George R R Martin’s collaboration with From software.

The thing which is the cherry on the top about the Scarlet project is it offers independence to their users. It means users are allowed to use their consoles anywhere without restrictions. Furthermore, Microsoft also planned to include 100+ games by the time which will open more options to the gamers. This is all you must keep your brain aware with.

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