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PUBG Adds ‘Ping And Radio Communication System’ Following Apex Legends and Fortnite

After Apex Legends and Fortnite Battle Royale, now the most addictive PUBG has also added Ping and Radio communication system in the game.

So, for those who still don’t know what Ping System is, it is basically a utility that allows the players to share specific message or information with their teammates with just a push of a button. This tool is very useful and convenient as it will ensure the minimum voice chat and at the same time allows the players to share important piece of information.

The Ping was first introduced by the legendary battle royale game Apex Legends and after few weeks it was adopted by the Fornite. And now, the utterly addictive game Player’s Unknown Battleground or simply PUBG has followed the trend and brought Ping system to its gamers.

As per a report by VG247, PUBG has added “ping and radio communication system” through a latest server update that is so much similar to Apex Legends’ Ping tool. It allows the players to pass important info and advices and also items like gun and ammo to their squad. Along with it, Ping also enables the players to tag their enemies’ location for the teammates.

All the credit to introduce such a useful feature to today’s gaming goes to Apex Legends. Thanks to the developers who set this trend and now every other battle royale game is adapting this amazing feature. Moreover, we can safely bet that many games of other genre too will imitate this Ping System.

Interestingly, along with introduction of Ping, PUBG is also incorporating some more changes.

VG247 also reported that, similar to the mechanisms that found in Apex Legends, PUBG now enables its players to pick up ledges to scale the walls and some other shooters too.

The mechanism is known as ‘clambering’. With it, you don’t need to run around the walls anymore and no more dealing with obstacles in your path. Clambering has made the navigation in the game more smooth and flowy.

Additionally, there will also be newest and most powerful weapon of all time. The newest Desert Eagle spawning. It is the most powerful and destructive pistol in the game. When used causes intense damage, which is like a cherry on the cake.

With all these amazing updates, PUBG has made the game more interesting. Infact, the introduction of Ping was much needed by the PUBG players. It has changed the total way of playing a battle royale game and has definitely taken the game up a notch. Players can now mix up with the strangers quite easily and can play more comfortably with this new addition. Ping will act as a Win-Win feature in the competitive matches against a bunch of strangers and players can have the most out of the game by having insane amount of fun.

That’s all about it. Let’s see how PUBG players respond to this most amazing update.

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