How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp Before Official Release on Android and iOS

WhatsApp doesn’t needs any introduction since because probably it is the only application that is available on every smartphone around the world. It is quite popular as instant messaging app among all age groups. It is convenient, easy to use, featured pack and needs only an internet connection.

Now, recently it was revealed that WhatsApp is planning to launch Dark Mode feature in the app. The dark mode is something which makes the application interesting and gives it a better look. However, there’s still no confirm date when it is going to release. It has been said that the very first look of WhatsApp Dark mode can be seen on iOS 13 and Android Q, after that it will launch on others too which can take time.

But since we can feel the excitement of users about this very dark mode, here are some ways to make it available on your Android and iOS devices right now. This will require some little efforts which are worth after all you are getting something in return.

Here’s How to Enable Dark Mode on WhatsApp:

On Android

  • The very first thing you need to do is signup and download Beta version of Android Q on your device; then only you can enable Dark mode on your WhatsApp. Many of the newest launch devices support Android Q Beta.
  • After beta installation, all you need to do is go to Settings > tap Display > Select Theme.
  • Choose Dark Mode here.
  • Now go to Developer Options. [If you haven’t enable Developer Option, go to About Phone and tap the Build Number 7 times] Once Developer Option is enabled, select “Override Force Dark” option

This is will not only enable dark mode in WhatsApp but also every other app. The thing about beta version is, it is not reliable and user-friendly, and people face some issues while using it. So if you’re comfortable with all these troubles then only try your hands on it.

On iOS / iPhones:

The procedure to make it available on iOS 11 and iOS 12 is quite easy. All you need to do is go to Setting > tap on General > Accessibility. There you will notice the option ‘Invert Colors’. Tap on it, it will further open two more options where you have to select Smart Invert. This will make dark mode available on your iPhones.

An advice I would like to give is to try this at your own risk because this can be buggy sometimes and make your device work slow.

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