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How to Create macOS Mojave Bootable Installer and Perform Clean Install

If you are thinking of installing or re-install macOS and you want to completely wipe out the previous installation files and directories, then the best way to do it is using a Bootable Installer disk. It is very easy to do. In this guide, I will be sharing details on how you can create a macOS Mojave bootable installer?


The first and foremost thing you need in order to create a bootable installer is an 8GB USD Flash drive. Other than that, you need to download Mojave macOS file which is available here. Since this file is very large in size, it will take some time to download it and you should have good internet speed and some patience.

The download path of the file include /application directory in windows. Prior to installation, kindly check the size of the file to make sure that complete download is executed.

Creating Mojave Bootable Installer Disk:-

  • Firstly, we need to format the drive. You can navigate to disk utility under applications. Select the drive and then right click and then click Erase. The prompt will ask you for Name and Format. Provide the name of your drive and under format tab type “OS X Extended”. Once done, click on Erase and now your drive is clean.
  • The second task is to create a bootable installer. For that you have to open the Terminal on your system and run the below stated command.

sudo /Applications/Install\ macOS\ Mojave.app/Contents/Resources/createinstallmedia –volume /Volumes/macOSInstaller

The prompt will ask for username and password. Provide the user name and password. It will ask you to Erase. Enter “yes” and now the process is complete.

There is some other application also available online by which you can create bootable installer.

Disk Maker X

Disk maker X can be downloaded from its official website. Its very simple and easy to do. Make sure that disk maker has access to system events. Now you just have to map the drive with the disk maker by choosing your USB drive. Other things will be performed on their own and you can use the bootable installer.

There is another utility which makes things and this one is dosdude Mojave.

If you have Mojave in your system, then Mac will not allow you to download the installer file from the official website. In this situation you have to use dosdude to create and install bootable installer. Once you have downloaded it, you have to open it and search for Tools. Look for Download macOS Mojave and place it in directory you want to install it. The tool will download the file and show prompt when done. Once downloaded, you can use to further to create bootable installers.

This is the simple and quick procedure to do that. If there are any queries then you can share it with us in the comment section below.

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