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FFXIV Shadowbringers: Complete Dancer Guide, Tips And Abilities

Final Fantasy 14: Shadowbringers is an extremely fun to play. It is loaded with side quest and jobs. Two most important as well as complex jobs are Dancer and Gunbreaker. While Gunbreaker is the brand new tank, Dancer is little tough to get.

Well, if you are struggling with dancer, then don’t worry!! Here we are providing the complete guide to unlock the Dancer Job. So, without further ado, let’s get started!!!

How to Unlock the Dancer Job?

To unlock the Dancer Job, you must reach the level 60. You can play the game as usual combat job. After reaching the level 60, Dancer becomes available in LimsaLominsa in Lower Decks.

Complete the “Shall We Dance” quest and the Dancer will be unlocked.

FF14: Shadowbringers – The Dancer Abilities

Dancer and Machinist are quitesimilar. Dancer combos are very random and depend on the RNG to functionpowerfully. The combos are effective only 50% times and it is actually sufficient. You can play the single-target combos. However, it can lead to dry spells at times. To fix this, Dancer has the ability called “Closed Position”. In closed position the allied player becomes the dance partner that can have all the important functions of the Dancer.

Playing this way, you can take the most out of Dancer job. You and your dancing partner can cause more damage, increase crits and heal your team members.

FF14: Shadowbringers – Dancer Tips and Tricks

Don’t Stop anywhere – Keep Moving

In FF14, the enemies will keep attacking you, mostly the AOE attacks. So, you should be careful about your position. Just keep. Moving to save yourself from the attacks. The best part of the Dancing job is you can attack and range while on the move. Stay on the move when bosses bombard you.

Learn To Stay Close

Although, Dancer is a ranged class, you should focus on close-up skills. Like, For a DPS job, Curing Waltz is a healing skill but it does not help out each member at once. So, you must stand near your allies to reach them whenever you need. The partners close to you will also provide you the effect when you cast it. You can stay nearer to your allies and away from partners for max range.

You can Rely On Your Dancing Partner

Dance partners can help you kn various ways. So always consider them foe more benefits. For example, tanks are safe and healing with Curing Waltz will increase your room for screwing and can take some pressure as well. You will get idea easiky about the position of tanks, which are usually near the dungeon boss or a raid.

Keep Dancing

That’s all you need to do. Always keep dancing with your standard or Technical Step to compensate the overall damage. The reason for this is, the randomness can be harsh at times and it can take away the Dancer’s focus on the DPS jobs.

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