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Top 5 Free Racing Games To Play On Smartphone in 2024

A great fan of racing games? Love speeding up your engine? We have compiled this guide for you.

In this guide we have collected five best racing games you must play on iOS or Android smartphones. Racing games are very exciting and can be easily played. Even when you are studying and you want a break or you are working and you want to relax, then you can easily explore these breath-taking racing games. Some of the games are available on Apple Appstore and some on the Android playstore. There are some of them which you won’t find on any of them, so worry not we have mapped out the complete details of the game here in this guide. Check out.

1. Mad Skills BMX2

Mad Skills BMX 2

Unlike other racing games, this one is very addictive and in fact very popular too. In this game, you are given a variety of BMX bikes which you can choose as per your cash and need and all you have to do it to defeat your opponent. During the race, you are given many chances where you can win gold, cash. Using these gold, cash & rewards, you can upgrade your bike and move to the next level in the game.

This might sound simple but once you start playing, then you will realize the level of difficulty. As you level up in the game, it becomes more interesting. You can imagine the popularity of the game by the fact that it has 40 million installations worldwide. So, check out this epic game and have fun.

2. Red Bull Air Race 2

Red Bull Air Race 2

Red Bull Air Race 2, as understood by the name itself, this game is an air racing game where you can control your own plane. This is the recreation of the Red Bull Hosts game. It’s hard to confine the game in one genre. It’s the amalgamation of thrill, frantic fun, speed, and adventure. It’s, in short, is amazing.

The graphics of the game are very nice, and the game is set into various geographic locations where you have to show your flying skills. The whole experience of the game seems to be real.  You will compete in a world championship tournament where you have to defeat your opponent. The game is set into various tournaments that start from training camp and then you will be headed towards the world championship. The game is the successor of the very popular game Red Bull Air Race.

3. Need for Speed: No limits

Need for Speed No limits

I believe all of us must have played this game once in our lifetime. In this game, we control a car that runs in various races and the major goal of the game is to win the tournament. Prior to the start of the game, the player has the option to choose the vehicle and transmission type and run accordingly.

This is a single/ multiple player game where you can play the game with your friends even by sharing it over LAN or over the internet. Need for speed: No limit is the best of all the need for speed. The game provides you an option where you can choose your own car and in fact, customize it as you want it. This game has a variety of features and it is worth trying. Just go and play and let us know your experience.

4. Gravity Rider

Gravity Rider

Gravity rider is the racing involving the motorbike racing where just like other games you have to defeat your rivals and win rewards. The simple and fun game this one is and if you like one hill then you will also love this one. All you have to do is to overcome the obstacles in the game. And I am pretty sure you will love its graphics as they are very smooth.

5. F1 Mobile Racing

F1 mobile racing

Unlike the rest of the games stated in this list, this game is very different as it involves simulators.  Secondly, it is a bit difficult as it is based on the real-life scenarios of F1 racing. In this game you will have to deal with racing circuits, you will have to manage various racing tracks and various racing cars. In spite of being difficult, this game is very interesting when you start playing it. You will realize the real beauty of it only then.

So, what are you waiting for? Just go and start trying all of these.

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