Samsung to launch Galaxy Note 4 on September 3rd, Event Confirmed

Samsung will unveil it’s another big treat in Berlin where IFA belongs. But sources confirm the date for the launch will be September 3rd before the event of IFA. This info cracked us by a report in Korea Times. Apple’s iPhone 6 launch would also take place in 12 September. Samsung is planning to give us two new smartphones which was as expected from the company.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 would be the bigger hand guy when the two phones will launch obviously. As the Micromax took first place in the Hnadset Shipments Shares, Samsung have a golden chance of breaking that as Micromax is only 2% far from Samsung. But this period of time could be of Samsung because of Note 4 (The Smartphablet).

Samsung Unpacked 2014 Episode 2

Samsung did its smartphone launched in past at or around the IFA, Germany which is the biggest exhibition in Europe for technology. Samsung will pull out all the great ideas from the human brains and make the Note 4 in a more distinctive way, to help people feel it is the world’s smartest phone.

Samsung is launching some great new features with Note 4, there were some rumors from the mill that Samsung might give Note 4 a more health related region by providing Ultraviolet Sensors which will check the area of UVA rays explosion to our skin and body and the phone will help us to check the rays and warn us out of the area. This could be done through S Health app.

More rumors suggested the eye scanner. If it is a fingerprint scanner that’s totally cool for us  to accept but eye scanner (rumors are just rumors). More rumors also suggests Note 4 to be with Water and Dust proof, whilst some state Note 4 to have 20.1 MP camera and some gives 2K resolution display for Note 4 which was expected for Samsung Galaxy S5. The most big and real deal rumor is to have a Flexible Display on the phone.

Touch ID or Flexible Display could be the right features to lead the market again and to stay ahead of others, these features are important as people have always loved technology and innovation. It could also turn the stage by giving 4GB of RAM and an Octa-Core Exynos Processor or even the Snapdragon 801 would do. So much of features and hardcore specs would sip up the left up juice for shut down so the ‘Battery’ is a must thing to think on. Samsung could give atleast the 3600mAh – 3800mAh battery for such a powerful device. Let see what rumours are and what the actual reality is. Most of the features are damn true though.

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