Garmin launches Vivofit fitness band in India for Rs. 9,990

Garmin Corporation, a Swiss company has launched the fitness band in the Indian Market for about Rs. 9,900. Garmin Vivosoft Fitness Band is the fitness band for consumers who are looking for interactive band which will help them to check their daily exercise and count their burned calories. This kind of fitness band works great for people, as this band has all the features that a person is looking for. You can still do the same things with your smartphone but, who have that much of time to install the exact app for a specific run or look over the internet for calorie burner.

Vivosoft Band is just perfect for every individual looking for a fitness band that suits your need. It comes in many different colors to choose from. Unlike other rechargeable fitness bands, this Vivosoft Fitness Band comes with two replaceable coin cells battery which the company promises can last for a year. It would be really great so that we dont have to charge the band every two three days or every week. This fitness band shows the calories, distance, displays your steps, monitors your sleep, all this information is feeded by learning your activity level and works smartly by setting its specific goals accordingly. Let’s see what features does the Vivosoft offers you.

Garmin Vivofit fitness band

Features of Viviosoft Fitness Band:

  • It calculates your calories which are burned throughout the day.
  • To track your sleep, you can set the sleep mode for knowing how much time you spend on sleeping or taking rest.
  • There is a move bar with red led lines with bars, which shows you the after one hour of inactivity.
  • It lights up for 15 minutes inactivity. In order to reset you can just walk for some time and it will get reset.
  • The basic feature of showing time is available with the comfortable 25.5mm x 10mm display.
  • You can sync your fitness band over the Bluetooth smart or USB ANT Stick.
  • It has all the looks and colors with proper curves so that it fits your wrist with comfortable texture, you can just wear it all the time.
  • The battery gives annual examination of replacing with the new one.

Garmin Vivosoft Fitness band is also water proof for about 50 meters. This also gets synced wirelessly without hassle with bluetooth, you can get it sync with smartphones as it is compatible with them. ANT+ heart rate monitors are also compatible with this fitness band to check and monitor the heart rates. Garmin Vivosoft Fitness Band is available on Flipkart at the price of Rs. 9990. In the box you get the band with two sizes, one is small and other one is big. So get one now and start maintaining your healthy life. Ciao!!

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