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Borderlands 3 PC Save Fix: How to Get Back Your Lost Saved Game Data

In our previous article, we discussed how some Borderlands 2 gamers reported losing the entire save data due to the corrupted save files and cloud-related bugs. But here’s the Borderlands 3 PC save fix.

Gearbox and 2K Games are still to solve and address these issues. But, the good news is the players have found a fix to this problem themselves. Keep reading this guide to claim your game progress and fix the save related issues.

Generally, what happens is either there is a cloud save or local save mechanism. If the game crashes down, you got to choose how it loads save files i.e from the cloud or local storage.

You have to select one out of the two options. So, make sure you choose the option that you used for saving your progress last time. [Download Borderlands 3 Save Game]

Here is how you can get back Borderlands 3 Lost Save Date:

Before jumping on to the guide, first, make sure to copy your data as a preventive measure. Also, all the credit for solving this issue goes to a Reddit user Tribunallackey along with other Reddit users.

  • # First, Go to  Documents/My Games/Borderlands 3/Saved/Saved Games
  • #Then, If you have a 1sav~gibberish.tmp file, rename it to 1.sav and replace the existing 1.sav file in the folder

And, If you don’t have a 1.sav file, then follow the below steps:

  • # First, copy the 1.sav~gibberish.tmp file
  • # Now, rename original file to 1.sav
  • # Finally, paste the copied 1.sav~gibberish.tmp file back into the folder

However, if you don’t have a.tmp file in your save folder, then sadly, we can’t do anything right now. You can only hope that this fix work for you to get back your lost save data.

We advise you to always back up your save onto a  USB to make you don’t face such situations. Also, if you’re saving locally then boot the game with local saves.

Moreover, avoid doing cloud syncs very often as it may lead to corrupt your files and may crash your game.

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