6 Ways to Make Money Playing Online Games 2024

Playing games can provide you with some of the best possible experiences in life, whether you are playing a board game with your family, role-playing ones on weekends, or playing a video game after a long day of working or studying. When it comes to playing those, if we were given a penny every time someone told us that playing it will turn our brains into mush, we would be billionaires, without any doubt.

However, there is a shortcut to that. What you would say if we told you that you can earn money by playing video games online?

Well, the first thing you should know is that the video game industry’s worth is around 100 billion dollars in 2019. The second thing you should be aware of is that there is a thing called eSports.

This is a variation of real-time sports. So, you are competing against other players in a certain game at a tournament, and you can earn money based on your results. This is a trend that literally exploded in the last decade. There are many tournaments hosted by huge multi-billion companies that are giving serious rewards. For example, the highest-earning player ever, collected around $2.5 million in 2017.

The gaming industry and eSports are particularly big in China, Japan, South Korea, and other eastern countries. You can even buy some additional features for games. If you are interested in this, you should check

The competition is really big because around 73% of people aged 4-20 have at least one console in their household. People are spending a lot of time playing video games nowadays. The best thing about it is that you can participate in some tournaments from the comfort of your home.

Naturally, the biggest tournaments in the world are hosted at a certain location. Well, are you interested in hearing more about playing online games? After all these facts we’ve provided you with, you can be certain that there is serious money to be earned. Stay with us until the end of the article, and find out about ways you can earn money by playing online.

Playing via Point Clubs


There are some sites like MyPoints and Swagbucks that offer their members the possibility of playing online games in exchange for points.

After that, these points can be exchanged for either PayPal payments or gift cards. However, this approach will ask you to invest some money into it before you make a profit. You need to buy tokens on the site that is a partner of the gaming site you are using.

On the other hand, Swagbucks has several free games on their website. When it comes to the general catalog of them, you can choose between ones like Bejeweled 2, Super Plunko, Deal or No Deal Slots, etc. This is one of the easiest ways to earn some money while you are in the process of entertaining yourself.

Professional Gamer

This is the riskiest way of making money by playing online games, but at the same time, this is where the largest money can be accumulated. If you want to make a serious amount of money as a professional you literally need to be the best of the best.

In this situation, the money comes from ranking on tournaments or from endorsements. Also, you should know that this is one of the fastest-growing trends in the world. This means more money for participants. If you are living in North America and you have the ambition to land on a team, you should check out Team EnVyUs, Evil Geniuses, Clouds9.

Game Writer


If you are a creative and talented artist or writer, you can take the job of writing or produce your art directly for games. So, you can call yourself a scenarist of sorts. This is a really difficult task because studios already have a set of writers that are working on a game scenario. The same can be said about artists, maybe even harder. However, we think that it’s good to keep an eye out for job offers of this type.


If you are the type of person who loves to get to the core of certain games, then the playtester is a position you should definitely consider. This is one of the best job descriptions ever.

You are provided with the ones in pre-release state and you are allowed to test all the features that come within those. That way you are going to be able to play a certain game before anyone else, test all its boundaries, and getting paid for that. After the testing, you need to provide your employer with an extensive report on all the responsibilities of the game.

Even though this position requires the employee to live near the company’s headquarters, a huge percentage of companies are considering employing remote workers. In some situations, companies are offering compensation with some of their products, but some of them are offering a salary.

Gaming Coach


As eSports are developing, the number of players is increased significantly. You’ll be surprised to know that there are many coaches and teachers that are helping them to get better at a certain game. You can enlist for this position by submitting your gaming experience.

In case you are a skilled and experienced professional player you can get private classes on your own. Some of the best gamers in the world are charging a serious amount of money per hour. Even better, you can become a head coach of an eSports team. This is the same blueprint that is used for real-time sports. Believe it or not, it proved itself worth more than once.

YouTube Superstar

If you are a charismatic person and you love playing video games, then you should consider becoming a YouTube celebrity. You can earn serious money from recording yourself playing them. This is a trend that is growing constantly and the scene always has space for newbies. You can either play walkthroughs or you can play online matches. You can earn both ads and views.

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