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Benefits of Warranty Tracking Software for Hotels

Have you ever wondered why some buyers are bothered about the warranty period of a product? Well, the answer is very simple.

The warranty period for an electrical product is one of the most important things. If your newly bought TV starts malfunctioning within the warranty period, then you can get it repaired or replaced for free. As long as your warranty period is running, you don’t have to spend money on any repairs.

Just like us, even hotels buy various electronic products in bulk. For example, they need TV, fan, air conditioner, etc., to be installed in every room in the property. But due to rough usage by customers, even a newly bought gadget can start malfunctioning. This is why they pay more attention to the warranty period while buying gadgets for their property.

How do hotels keep track of warranty information on all their products?

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Unlike individual people, hotels buy gadgets in bulk. It is not humanly possible to remember the details of each of the products. You need to at least keep track of the warranty period for each of the products. Since recognizing the details of so many products is not possible, you can make use of a warranty tracking app for the purpose.
A warranty tracking application proves to be extremely beneficial for the hotel business.

With the help of a warranty tracking app, you can store all warranty-related information in the app. Instead of human employees, all the information will now be managed by an app. This will make things convenient for everyone. A warranty tracking app is designed to store all your warranty information in one place so that you don’t lose it. Other than this, the app provides you with many other benefits. Which we have discussed in the next section below.

What are the benefits offered by warranty tracking apps to the hotels?

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Warranty tracking apps have more benefits that you can think of. These apps are not only meant for individuals but also for big businesses like hotels. The main benefits you can derive from using a warranty tracking app are as follows.

1. Stores all warranty information

A hotel buys hundreds of electronic products together. Every product that they buy comes with a warranty period. It is not possible to keep track of the details of all the products that are bought. This is where warranty tracker like Ximplethings come to their rescue. It helps them to store all the warranty information in one place. Such an app can store details of multiple products. This way you can keep track of the warranty duration of all the products.

2. Warranty expiry alert

A warranty tracker will also alert you with a warranty expiry notification. This will keep you informed on which items have their warranty period over. Every time a warranty is expired, you are sent a notification on your phone. This makes things so much easier for the hotel staff.

3. Cloud storage

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Storing all important information like warranty details in an app can be risky. If the app gets uninstall by mistake, you will lose all your data. But in case of a warranty tracking application, all your details are stored in the cloud database. This means you will not lose your data even if something happens to the app. you need to make sure that you choose a warranty tracker app that offers you cloud storage.

4. Easy access

When you are using an app to store all your warranty information means you have all the info in one place. The app is installed on your phone, which gives you the chance to access your data whenever and from wherever you want. This saves you from the trouble of searching the warranty of a particular product in a stack of papers.

With just a few clicks here and there, you can access the warranty information on your phone. Unless you use a warranty tracking app for your hotel business, you wouldn’t realize the usefulness of it.

5. Free to use

Most of the warranty tracking apps that are available out there are free to use. This means you can reap the advantages of such apps for free. The apps can be easily downloaded from the app store of your phone. If you are not comfortable to use it on your phone, then you can opt for website warranty trackers as well. Both apps and websites are free to use. You can store all the information you want without paying a single penny. Since the app is free to use, it can be beneficial to a business like a hotel.

A warranty tracking software for a hotel is more important than you think. It helps them to manage their purchases efficiently.’

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