Tips for Choosing the Perfect Sizes of Labels

Are you starting a new business? Are you preparing for the upcoming holidays? Or, perhaps, you decided to organize the house and those spice racks in the kitchen. If so, you will soon realize that you need labels, a lot of them. The only problem is to choose the right type and size of the labels.

Based on your particular project, you should consider the best options that will satisfy your labeling needs. Here are the most common uses for labels and the average sizes for their use.

Business Labels


Professional labeling is an essential part of a company’s branding. Labeling assists in both product identification and service promotion. It is a piece of printed information that provides detailed facts about the product. Quite often, customers decide to buy the product just by reading the label alone.

If your company is manufacturing products, you may need multiple sizes of labels for labeling of products with different dimensions. Some products may require you to list the name of the product, its weight, and, in some cases, the full list of the ingredients and the direction for use.

When choosing the best size for the labels, it is important to consider the font size you are going to use on your labels. Ideally, the font size should be large enough to be readable for people with reading glasses.

Also, if you are selling physical products online, you may consider getting pre-measured, printable shipping labels to ship your products.

For Holiday Gifts


Handmade holiday gifts can be great presents, especially when personalized with the names of your friends and family members. To increase the wow factor of the gifts, you can package them by adding beautiful labels and homemade name tags.

Before choosing the most practical size for the labels, consider the information you want to put on them. If it is a simple gift to a close friend or a family member, you are free to include anything you want. However, if you are sending gifts to a person in the distance or thinking to sell your handmade creations, be sure to include the date on the packaging and, if necessary, list of ingredients.

For Organizing and Identifying


It is nothing new that suitable labels can help you to organize your items and give an attractive appearance to many products in your home. It is especially true for those canning jars and spice jars in your kitchen. Compared to labels for business needs and those for handmade gifts, organizing and identifying labels can be a small size and include only one or two words writing on them.

As you see, different projects require the use of different types and sizes of labels. To find the ideal size of a label for your specific project, you must follow these simple steps.

Measure the Item

The first step you need to do before designing your label, is to measure the product you will place the label on. For this task, you can use either a physical ruler or a printable one to wrap around round objects like bottles and jars.

Use the Correct Label Size

Before printing a label, consider margins and the overall design of the final label. Will it have enough space on the borders? Will the label cover the large part of the product? You may want to cut out the measurements on a blank piece of paper lightly wrap around the product you’re labeling.

Choose the Type of a Label

The final step of creating your label is to decide how you want to make it. Are you going to create a label from scratch or use a pre-measured, pre-cut label templates to print your design on? If you a computer savvy and have plenty of spare time, you can use a mail merge scheme and create your labels yourself.

However, many business owners find it more convenient and less stressful to label their products by using pre-sized, printable label templates they can order online. According to enKo Products, label templates make the process of creating labels effortless since they eliminate the need to bother with those funky margins or deciding on the ways to duplicate the label in multiple rows and columns.

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