How Technology Has Improved and Expanded the Eyewear Industry

What is technology? Technology is the collective sum of techniques, processes, skills, and methods that humankind has developed and perfected for the betterment of humankind and the products that they use. The proper use of technology has been the most important tool that was and is being used to improve the condition of us and our planet.

Like most things in the industry, technology has also revolutionized the eyewear industry. What merely started as a flat smoky quartz plate, has now become the need for more than 75% of the entire population of the United States of America. Like many other inventions, glasses also had humble beginnings, but constant improvement in technology has made it be the number one accessory that people use on their regular basis.

Today the eyewear industry is one of the largest industries that is growing in this economy, glasses and eyewear industry have become so big that many companies are looking to improving their products in such a way that it can help defeat their competitors in the market. Today we are going to learn about how technology has changed and improved the eyewear industry.

Using Machinery


In the earlier days when pieces of machinery were not quite perfected, everything was made by hands, including glasses. After the industrial revolution, companies started to emerge that we’re able to make a different type of machine that can help improve the quality and the quantity of the products that were made by hands. Today companies like are using new and improved technologies and selling products that are better than ever before.

Machineries have been playing a key role in many of the world’s leading technological industries, we can safely say that without the use of machines, we would have not been able to achieve as much as we have achieved so far.

Technology in Glasses

Ever since glasses have become an accessory that people need to use regularly, there have been companies that are using eyeglasses as a base product to develop things that are out of this world, and in doing so companies have created another genre of tech-based wearable’s known as tech glasses. Let’s look at a few examples of the most famous tech-based glasses and how recent technology has helped them achieve that.

Google Glasses


I don’t think that we can start the list with any other tech-based wearable. Google was the first company that thought of putting a computer in a pair of eyeglasses. Google glasses were the first wearable that was introduced in the market, although they had some issues with the glasses designs and their functionality, google glasses was still a remarkable piece of technology that still has a lot of potential in the market today.

Google utilized the best the technology has to offer back then and made the perfect glasses that any tech-head would love to use, the main downside of the google glasses were its interaction methods.

Since multiple languages are spoken and each language has their accent, it made google glasses quite difficult to use since the only method of interacting with the device was with voice control, it made the device quite unusable. Nevertheless, the technology that was used in those glasses was the most advance implementation we have seen so far to date.

Glasses for the Colorblind

As we have stated earlier, if the technology is used correctly it can change someone’s life. Colorblindness is a medical condition that is quite common and around 8% of men in the United States are diagnosed with colorblindness.

Colorblindness is a condition in which the person is not able to see the colors green and red. Some glasses are made in such a way that it enhances the amount of red and green saturation so that the person can see them, it works by over saturating the colors red and green so that the patient can see those over-saturated colors properly.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

Recent advancements in technology enable us to apply different types of coating on the glass of the eyeglasses. This coating is responsible for reflecting all the blue light that is being emitted by our surroundings.

Blue light filtering glasses work on the principles of polarized lenses, which are designed to let only a certain axis of light rays pass through the glass, which helps them avoid any harmful rays that enter the eyes. A certain coating is applied in the perfect thickness so that it can also be able to do its intended job and block all the blue light that is entering your eyes.

Adjustable Focus Glasses


These glasses work exactly as they are advertised, adjustable focus glass is something patients can wear and use regularly, the glass portion of the eyeglasses have some Ferro fluid in the center of the two glass pieces, which moves in a specific way that adjusts your focus accordingly.

These glasses can be used by patients that have presbyopia, and they cannot focus on objects easily. These glasses can help these patients focus on the thing they want to see by moving the slider thereby moving the Ferro fluid and focusing on your desired product.

Photochromic Lens

Photochromic lenses are the best kind of glasses you can put on your eyeglasses, these types of lenses are developed in such a way that it changes the color of the glass depending on the intensity of the UV rays that is available.

When these glasses are worn indoors, they are completely transparent due to the lack of UV rays and the same glasses will change color outside if ample UV rays are hitting the glasses.

This technology can help people in keeping their eyes healthier because the glasses always adjust the color of the glasses automatically and you will always get the optimal viewing color so that your eyes don’t have to adjust to light and dark rooms. Photochromatic lenses are perfect for those people whose work is constantly moving indoors and outdoors.

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