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Are you a business owner who is trying hard to increase your exposure? You know that using the web is a major part of your outreach. But what you may not know is that print marketing is still a very effective tool. You can still use it to expose your business to a whole new market of ready customers.

Why is Print Marketing Still an Effective Way to Advertise?

There are many reasons why circulars, postcards, flyers, and other bits of old fashioned “snail mail” are still effective advertising tools. Even though the world wide web is the place where modern shoppers get the majority of their info, it’s a fact that many people still prefer to receive news and offers in the mail.

This isn’t just old people or others who refuse to make use of the internet. There are plenty of people who genuinely prefer to receive updates on goods and services via the mail. If you aren’t making an effort to reach these people, you are missing out on a great deal of income. This is all the more true if your business is strictly local.

Insurance Agents


Are you an insurance agent who is ready to build a new audience of potential clients? The key to your success is cultivating as high a level of visibility as possible. This means getting your name out there as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. To do this, you’ll need to plan a direct mail marketing campaign.

You can use our special postcards to advertise your business. We can help you select the style that works best for your needs. Once the postcards are ready to ship out, we can help you track them. We have a very effective tracking system that enables you to know when and where your mailers are being delivered.

Medical and Dental Clinics

If you own a medical or dental practice, you’re by definition much more reliant on local clients than most other businesses. Wise Pelican is here to make sure that you get the top quality local exposure that your practice deserves.

We can not only help you cultivate new patients via our highly effective direct mail marketing materials, but we can also help you hang on to them. You can customize the content that you include on your mailers so that you can keep your patients fully informed.

Wise Pelican can also help you keep track of who is still in your area and who has moved away. All you need to do is upload your mailing list to our system. From there, you can decide who to keep mailing flyers and postcards out to and who you want to remove from your list.



If you own a landscaping business, you will certainly want to keep potential customers apprised of all of your latest news and offers. To reach this goal, you’ll need to keep them in the loop. We advise that you mail out your circulars, postcards, and flyers on a regular basis in order to build and hold a loyal following in your area.

There are plenty of customers in your local area who are in constant need of state of the art landscaping services. You can use our handy templates to devise mailers that will let them know that you are available to serve their needs. If you are new to the business and don’t have a mailing list ready, let us know. We can help you make one.

Pool Builders and Remodelers

Another key industry that depends heavily on old fashioned postcards, circulars, and the like is pool building and remodeling. You want your potential clients to know that you can serve their needs at any time of the year, not just during the spring and summer. To do this, you’ll need to be mailing cards out to them on a regular basis.

All of our postcards are currently priced at a low sum of 70 cents each. This includes the cost of printing, postage, and mailing. If you have an order that is larger than 10,000 pieces or if you believe you will be regularly mailing out more than 10,000, let us know. We are ready to offer you a special bulk enterprise deal.



Real estate marketing is a complex affair. There are many variables to deal with when devising a potentially successful marketing campaign for this industry. Wise Pelican can help you craft a brand new real estate marketing campaign. This is an initiative that will highlight all of your skills and strengths.

Wise Pelican has hundreds of templates in a variety of styles for you to choose among. 95% of our clients prefer to make use of one of our hundreds of specially pre-built templates. We’ll punch in the info that you need to have included. However, if you prefer, we can create a specially customized template for your real estate business.

All of our real estate marketing postcards are sized at a jumbo 6×9 high gloss. They are made of heavy stock to ensure durability. All of them can be printed in full color on both sides. Please be advised that there are no minimum order requirements. You can order as many as you need at any time that you feel you require them.

Get in Touch with Wise Pelican for More Info

If you want to guarantee the success of your next direct mail marketing campaign, you need to speak to Wise Pelican today. We have many years’ worth of knowledge, skills, and experience in marketing of all types. Our friendly staff can assist you with every step of the process in order to ensure your instant success.

We can devise a print marketing campaign for your business that will bring thousands of new customers to your door. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can do on behalf of your business.

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