Benefits Of Opting SD-WAN Over MPLS Technologies

SD-WAN stands for a software-defined wide area network. SD-WAN helps an enterprise to connect to its all branches placed at a remote location.

These help in sharing all the essential data, applications, and other useful files. It is vital for an enterprise or a company that it’s all branches connected to single centralized software.

It’s all branches can access the similar files saved in the software without any loss of document and interruption. People are finding BroadConnect a perfect solution to streamline communications, the company is Canada’s leading business VoIP service provider.

A connection like broadband, 4G, LTE, or MPLS can connect to SD-WAN. This feature increases the flexibility of the SD-WAN system and increases the range of area of connection as well. SD-WAN can apply to any network, but this point also raises some SD-WAN security concerns. SD-WAN connect an enterprise to its all branches and their customers as well.

SD-WAN connects the separate routers at different places to a centralized controller. SD-WAN creates a centralized brain for a company and saved the files and commands from various remote locations. SD-WAN usage is increasing rapidly due to its benefits over others. Here are some of the key benefits of SD-WAN.

Benefits of SD-WAN


Increase in bandwidth

Any WAN with different bandwidths can connect to SD-WAN. Multiple WAN at different bandwidths can also connect to a centralized system. The organization can add or remove any of the WAN connection connected to it according to their needs.

They can also fix the numbers of connections as per their desire. That helps in protecting from the strangers entering their company software. Allowing any bandwidth helps SD-WAN in connecting to any kind of location. That increases its area of usage also helps a company in expanding its network.


Traditional MPLS connections are costlier than the SD-WAN system. MPLS connection requires components on both edges, but SD-WAN can connect to any network carrier. That helps in decreasing the cost and helps a company or enterprise to transfer its data efficiently. An organization can use all the available networks to its full efficiency with the help of an SD-WAN connection. That is possible because the internet link is way cheaper than MPLS carriers.

Visibility and security


SD-WAN system is more visible than the traditional settings such as MPLS. This visibility helps the information technology department of an enterprise to check the type of traffic and protect it from the outsiders or hackers. Network security can be improved by SD-WAN because encrypt WAN traffic to move files from one location to another location.

SD-WAN provides segmenting of the network. Segmenting of the network helps to reduce the damage when a problem or fault occurs. In other connections, when some breaches arise, there is a chance of losing the maximum amount of data. But that problem can be removed by segmenting of data in SD-WAN.

More reliable than other connections

Reliability is the main reason that companies switch to that network. Companies prefer a more reliable network for sharing their useful files between their all remote branches.

High reliability if typically provided by the traditional MPLS. But there are more chances of failing internet uplinks. And due to this problem, SD-WAN is preferred over traditional ones. And from different providers, SD-WAN chooses internet links. And that maintains the availability whenever a link failure occurs.

Working performance

The SD-WAN system provides a thoroughly efficient and highly secure connection because it uses internet technology for its operation. Applications of a business company are delivered to its remote branches at less cost. The IT work efficiency of a company is also improved by using this technology. That provides automation in work, reliability and also provides low price links for their project.

Reduces complexity in work


Level of complexity increases whenever a data is transferred digitally. Due to an increase in complexity, results are also affected. That is, a company will get inappropriate results. In other connections, IT teams are needed at remote local locations to access all the branches of a company.

And this IT burden is reduced by the help of SD-WAN. That can connect with the help of broadband and helps in auto-monitoring of the tasks also helps in traffic control. This function can be done from a centralized system or controller. These all the benefits of SD-WAN decrease the working complexity and helps in its simple functioning.

Cloud usage enabled by SD-WAN

Cloud services are increasing day by day in all the organizations. The main reason for the adoption of SD-WAN is that it allows cloud access directly at the different remote branches of the company. That all process of direct cloud access helps in clearing backhauling of traffic. This system enables the IT team of a company indirectly accessing cloud applications without taking care of location.

This cloud usage process helps in securing the network without additional burden to the core of the system. But one negative point is that all this function and its feature of connecting to any source of internet connection such as broadband, 4G, LTE will lead to SD-WAN security issues. This feature invites hackers to interrupt in the system, and they may steal some secret data from the system. But with the systematic installation and setting, that problem will decrease near to nil.

Final Verdict!

SD-WAN technology is increasing day by day. More and more companies are adopting this technology. SD-Wan helps an enterprise to connect and data transfer to all of its remote branches at different locations. SD-WAN provides larger areas to reach than a traditional connecting network such as MPLS.

SD-WAN can be applied to all routers at different places having any internet such as broadband, 4G service, LTE, etc. This feature increases the security issue in SD-WAN. But this feature is also resolved to a minimum by proper installation and setting of the SD-WAN system. The main benefits of the SD-WAN system over other traditional connections, such as less cost, simple working, a large area of working, cloud usage access, are discussed in detail.

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