10 Best Educational Apps For College Students in 2024

Let’s take a flashback when people use to work hard. In the case of students, they use to go to the library and then search for the book in the section. Not to forget that they need to read the whole book to extract material. Today, the same happens, but in just a few seconds with no effort.

Life without gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, etc. is like a cave life. These gadgets don’t only provide a communication source, but they do multitask. For example, you can read a book and, at the same time, listening to a song from your phone. Many apps can help students to make their lives easy.

These apps have made studying and research easier than they sound. No matter in which corner of the world a student is studying, he can share his work and research, and thus students of the same courses come together and share their knowledge.

Although there are so many apps that it is hard to pick which is the right one, still, experts from came up with ten best educational apps for college students.

Google Drive


The heading tells you that it is a product of Google. Google Drive allows you to save your documents online. The best part is that you can access it from anywhere, all you need is a good internet connection.

Google Drive provides 15GB space for free. This means that you can upload documents worth 15GB. You can store your assignments, notes, or you can even share your drive with others.

Google Drive is the most efficient way of editing, creating, and sharing files. In today’s world, having a google doc account is mandatory if you have to be efficient in storing and accessing your data. Thanks to this app, that data is available anytime at the tip of your fingers.

WPS Office


Let’s imagine that you are on the bus and you want to read a book. With the help of the WPS office, it is possible. This app’s purpose is to open all kinds of documents. Whether it is pdf or presentation, this app is guaranteed to open all documents.

This app is really useful in checking the pdf documents or doing presentation checkups on the go. An active internet connection allows accessing any type of documents that you have created. This is a great app to keep all your documents in one place, no matter what format they have.



If you are a news lover, then you must download Feedly. This app compiles all news from different sources and then shows you altogether. It is available on both android and iOS.

This is a great app to keep you updated about all that is happening around the globe. This is very important in keeping oneself up to date and educated. The more you know what is happening around you, the better aware you are. This helps to be an excellent student and a good citizen.



Forget to do homework is one of the biggest issues faced by many students. However, with iHomework, you might not face this issue anymore. This app helps you to keep track of your homework. Furthermore, it will also remind you about upcoming quizzes or tests.

The homework is reminded at the ease of your fingertips. What more could one ask for? This app takes away all your stress of remembering everything related to your homework. Set reminders and do everything on time without having to remember things forcefully. This app is surely set to make you the most efficient student in your class.



Health is wealth. Therefore you shouldn’t compromise your health in any way. Strava can make sure of that. It will set up goals such as running 1Km, 20 pushups, etc. This way, you will be healthy and active.

This app is like your gym instructor; it will send you reminders and make sure you work out and have a healthy body. Well, of course, you need the push yourself too. But if you have downloaded the app, you won’t mind going the extra mile to get that wonderful body, too!



Are you spending too much? Can’t control finances yourself? Download Mint and control your spending. Mint will not only keep track of your spending, but it will also set goals too.



CamScanner converts pictures into to desired format (such as pdf, docs, etc.). Through CamScanner, you can scan your notes and send them to your friends instead of too many pictures. Furthermore, you can scan any document and email it easily.



Are you having trouble remembering dates or places? Don’t worry, and Flashcard app creates flashcards to help you in remembering. You can also add pictures in the Flashcard app. Furthermore, there are many flashcards available online; you can download instead of creating your own.



Scribd provides the world’s biggest library online. This means that you can search for different notes or books on Scribd. You can even create your library and add different notes, books, or texts.



Not everyone is strong in math; that is why you can rely on Mathway. This app will help you to solve your math problems. It will guide you step-by-step. All you need is to enter your question, and it will show you different solutions since math doesn’t have only one solution.


The list doesn’t end here. Many other educational apps can help students in other ways. However, many students are not aware of how important these apps are. If your smartphones don’t have the above apps, then install them now! After all, they are free of cost!

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