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Why Software Development Companies are Banking on AI to Improve UI/UX

The ongoing trend of utilizing every potential in software development is gaining speed. This ought to happen as the gushing competition is pushing businesses and enterprises to experiment more and innovate more.

The rise in the demand of users is another reason why businesses are moving towards incorporating trends and technologies that would uplift the course of actions in business.

When it comes to fulfilling user demands, a business or an enterprise leaves no stone unturned. And this is why while associating with a software development company, they often seek those companies that are equipped with the latest trends and tech understanding. Of all the trends available, the most adopted trend is Artificial Intelligence.

Its richness in elevating user experience is unquestionable and indubitable. AI is preferred not only in exhilarating the experience of the user on the software app but also improve the UI/UX of the app.

Be it a mobile app, web app or any other software platform, the use of AI simply enhances and improves the UI/UX potential for the users to experience. One cannot deny the plethora of possibilities driven by AI in all industry segments.

AI has already uplifted the gaming industry and now it is taking over industries like banking, eCommerce, shopping, entertainment, and more. With so much to gain from AI, the possibilities of using it to improve UI/UX seems a mere task.

Let’s explore why software development companies are inclining towards AI to improve UI/UX.

1. Automation

source: connect2tech.in

One of the best things about adopting trends and technologies is that it eradicates repetitive tasks and allows designers to avail the advantage of automation.

While working on the software app, a software development company designer has to go through multiple and repetitive tasks simultaneously. This could easily be catered by AI trend and the designers could focus on important, critical, and demanding tasks easily.

AI uses the power of an algorithm to automate repetitive and less important tasks. For instance, IBM Watson enables psychological user segmentation for marketers to provide the right content to the right audience at the right time.

2. Personalization

source: wpwolfepress.com

It’s the era of providing personalized services to the users. This goes without emphasizing how demanding users have become. No one buys the thought of ‘one size fits all’ anymore.

Thus, stress is more towards serving personalized services so that users stay loyal to the brand. The software application development company now incorporates trends and ideas that meet not only their expectations but also users’ expectations.

This has specifically pushed the eCommerce industry more as to make an eCommerce website, software application development company uses the information present in the buyer’s profile and other billion data points.

3. Real-time Testing

source: singularityhub.com

Another use of Artificial Intelligence in improving UI/UX is the advantage of real-time testing. A custom software development company like Finoit Technologies encourages the practice of rigorous testing to ensure that there are no errors or bugs left behind in the app that could hamper the app usage experience for the users.

With AI in place, it eradicates any one-sided approaches to A/B testing. AI specifically relies on hard data, thus adopting a binary approach that reflects the actual results. There are various metrics based on which AI ensures real-time testing of the app.

Few to mention here are:

• User location
• Logged in device
• Pages visited
• Items clicked and wish-listed
• Bounce rates
• Exit pages and more

4. AI in emotions

source: biztechmagazine.com

We live in an age where humans fail to read faces while technology is accurate in reading emotions and faces. Yes, with AI, more and more businesses are incorporating AI face read technology to analyze various instances specifically for security reasons.

Annette Zimmermann, the vice president of Gartner said that “By 2023, your device will know more about your emotional state than your own family.”

With the use of AI technologies like data analysis, machine learning, and face recognition software, it has become easier for software apps to analyze facial experiences and share results accordingly.

Many game companies are using this trend to show users the way they would look in the coming years. This has become an engaging asset for a software development company to engage with users and improve UI/UX accordingly.


Summing up, the need for technologies would continue to grow as the user demands to explore more. While many technologies and trends like IoT, VR, AR, Automation have already managed to mark its importance in the industry, AI is not lagging. Started from the Pokémon go game, it has since then been cultivated in many industry segments and improved its services and offerings.

AI has become one of the major required trends by businesses to the software application development company. While there was debate around if AI would be a friend or foe, it’s growing need is explicating that indeed it is one of the best inclusions ever made by a software development company.

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