Samsung ATIV Book 9 2014 Edition Review


Samsung ATIV Book 9 newest edition has improved its sound system. Audio encoder/decoder is made by Wolfson who is reputed name among audiophiles. More precisely, Wolfson WM5102 is been introduced in this new flagship for conversion of digital-analog signals. Sound quality is just crisp and clear when played with high bit rate audio. Samsung’s new ATIV is running on Windows 8.1 with recent update for easy and efficient use.

Samsung has not created OS messy by installing its own bloatware along with Windows built-in apps. Adobe Photoshop and Norton Security software is inbuilt in this machine as trial version which can be unlocked to make use of fuller version. Samsung’s own SideSync software helps to transfer filed between two device like PC and mobile phones. Battery life of this new device is impressive and hovers up to 9 hours of backup. Stressing the laptop with heavy computing or watching videos and playing games it lasted for more than 9 hours. So for the laptop having 15-inch screen battery backup seems to be perfect.


Coming to the most effective hardware of the laptop, Samsung has introduced Intel i5 processor and comparatively good RAM configuration too. But more imposing feature of the new Samsung’s device is its SSD which reads with solid speed of 551 MB/s but writing speed of this SSD was measured to 141 MB/s. Samsung has created its own SSD for its new flagship to read the data at lightning speed. When we talk about the performance of this laptop then it is imposed on dual-core Core i5-4200U processor along with 8GB of RAM to handle all the computing instruction triggered by user.

Intel processors are very well-known for its reliability in delivering high-speed performance which is again proved in Samsung’s new ATIV Book. Performance of the working daily essential apps is handled quite genuinely in this laptop but dual-core processors of Samsung does not delivers same efficiency while playing games compare to other rivals.


Samsung’s new ATIV Book is impressive in terms of its simplicity in design but falls on higher segment regardless the specs of the device. If we compare to its predecessor then we can definitely come to a conclusion that Samsung has done a lot of improvement in its flagship but compare to the market competition it is falling behind in some of the features. Display of the new ATIV Book is marvelous but compare to those of rivals it is just traditional because rivals are delivering more dense resolution than Samsung.

New ATIV Book has good configuration of hardware but not suitable as gaming laptop. All other task is very well carried out by the given hardware specs of the laptop. Battery life of this laptop is quite amazing and provides satisfying results as its stay longer duration. There are two variants in the 2014 edition of ATIV Book one come for $1500 which includes Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM, integrated graphics and a 128GB solid-state drive and $1900 includes Core i7 CPU and a 256GB drive but both falls on high end segment.

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