Calling All Yarn Artists: Build Your Instagram Audience in 2024

If you’re a knitting or crocheting enthusiast, you know that it can be a challenge to establish your digital identity among the hundreds of millions of people who post on Instagram every day. There are so many talented people out there who are all vying for attention, and many of them just seem to be able to pick up followers like it’s no problem at all.

Is it all because of luck? Or is it simply a matter of talent? While both definitely are a factor, the reality is that building up an Instagram profile is itself a talent that takes research and hard work. Without a plan and a full awareness of the groundwork required, developing a social media presence on this platform can feel like a dead end.

Here are some of the basics to help you get started on Instagram and get your knitting and/or crocheting the attention it deserves.

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The Fundamentals

When trying to build an audience on a social media platform there are a few fundamentals that you should keep in mind. These points will apply specifically to yarn artists who are looking to gain more followers on Instagram and eventually become an influencer.

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Consistency in posting is vital if you want to build a strong presence on Instagram. Potential followers will be more interested in your account if they see that you are active and constantly adding new content. Regular posting will also help ensure that you get more exposure, particularly for the hashtag category you are posting under.

A schedule for posting also helps with other aspects of the work you need to do. For example, it can help you plan out your photo shoots and determine how many different photos you will need to remain on schedule.

Don’t feel too much pressure, though: while professional artist accounts will post multiple images per day, you should start small and work your way up. Consider posting two to three times a week to start.

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Engagement is vital when building an artist ‘brand’ with social media. This is why you should do your best to respond to all reasonable comments and feedback. There are a number of benefits to being actively responsive:

  • Builds a sense of trust among your followers.
  • Creates a feeling of community where followers wish to be active.
  • Encourages discourse and makes your content more interesting.
  • Helps you stand out amongst other yarn artists who may not have the time or want to respond to comments.

While engaging with your followers has its benefits, it’s important that you use caution in your responses. Always maintain a level of professionalism and act as though you were at work chatting with colleagues. Refrain from engaging in negative conversations and always keep your public image in mind.



If you are going to stand out from the other yarn artists on Instagram, then you are going to want to develop a style that is unique to you.

Start by taking a pen and a pad of paper and write down a list of your artistic preferences. Do you prefer the flexibility of worsted weight yarn over the more luxurious super bulky variety? Do you have opinions on the best knitting kits or where to find the best free crochet patterns? These are all great details that you can share with your followers on your posts. Keep true to yourself and let it guide you to projects you’ll be proud to share.

Now that the fundamentals are out of the way, here are some ideas about how to curate content for your growing fanbase.

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Photogenic Projects

Standing out on Instagram starts with showcasing gorgeous creations. If you follow your artistic instincts and choose projects you are personally compelled by, it’s likely that others will be attracted to them too. Whether it’s cute baby booties, a tote in your favourite colours, or a beautiful trellis-style blanket, there are plenty of online tutorials to get inspired by.

Visually speaking, it helps to work with yarn that comes in lively colours. It’s more likely to catch a user’s eye and spark their curiosity about what you have to offer. Throwing in a bit of luxury and working with cashmere yarn can also earn you extra likes and broaden your scope.

Because every project is different, you’ll have to experiment with angles and qualities of light before achieving the perfect shot. Try to take at least five to seven photos of a piece before posting so you can tinker and improve along the way.

Check out Yarnspirations to learn about quality tools and types of yarn that fit your fancy. The site is known for offering free patterns and for serving as a hub for yarn artists keen on sharing their work just like you.

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Lifestyle Insights

Be consistent and add text under your posts that gives your followers a sense of who you are and what motivates you to create the work you do. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable and really let your personality shine.

If you knit, share your preferences. What kind of needles do you use? Why did you choose baby yarn rather than regular cotton yarn for that last sweater you posted? Do certain stitches move your creativity in different directions? Explain why.

Dare to be an authority figure by getting technical and giving accurate advice. Users will learn to go to you to untangle their yarn-related questions.

If you crochet, let the people know how the practice has affected your quality of life. Finding rhythm in looping yarn around your trusty hooks not only soothes the soul, but it can also give you the space you need to think through any situation.

After a few weeks, your posting schedule will become habit and it’ll feel like second-nature to let the world know what you’ve been making. Just don’t forget to enjoy the journey on the way up. Once you’re Insta-famous, it’s your humble beginning that will keep you grounded and focused on quality work.

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