mSpy Phone Monitoring Software for Parental Control 2024

mSpy is an app for monitoring a specific phone, a tablet, or an iPad. When enabled, it gives you access to the call log of the target device, SMS text messages, the history of internet browsing, location of GPS, emails, media (pictures & video), and several popular social media applications.

How does mSpy work?

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This app is a mobile monitoring application that allows you to track phone calls, social networking activity, instant messages, location data, and more. When it’s enabled on the target phone, it runs in the background and is hidden entirely.

Once downloaded on the target device, the mSpy has access to almost everything. It gathers the data and sends it for display at your convenience to your online dashboard. You can view text messages, voice call logs, contact details, and much more from your control panel.

mSpy uses a mobile (wifi or 3G/4G) internet link to transfer all the data to your dashboard. It implies that the target device must have a secure internet connection for tracking. You can read more about mSpy Review at

Features include:

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Monitoring visited websites, incoming and outgoing phone calls, text messages sent and received, social media contacts, typing keystrokes, blocking apps and websites, and tracking locations. It has an interactive, web-based control panel, and the industry’s best customer service.

With the keystroke analyzing feature, you can opt for alerts on your phone when specific words are being used by your kid. Using the geo-fencing feature, you can make sure to track your child’s whereabouts and whether he/she has been visiting any restricted locality. Such options provide you with peace of mind and let you know about the present emotional situation of your children so that you can help them in case of any problems.

There are a hundred apps to choose from when it comes to phone surveillance or tracking apps, but just a few have the right mix of functionality, prices, and customer support to make them worth more than a simple app.

According to these reviews It’s relatively easy to install, easy to set up and use, gives you access to virtually everything on your target phone (with the jailbreak version), and provides a very intuitive interface.

All this is supported by the 24/7 email and/or chat-focused customer service provided by the service. They would even help you to install and use the software on your browser, making it easy and efficient for you to track. And in case you want to find more similar apps that can help you track a cheating spouse, for instance, visit this website.

Why select mSpy?

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mSpy is compatible with almost all iOS and Android systems: mSpy provides phones, tablets, iPhones, and iPads with updated information of all targeted system operations remotely every 5 minutes.

You can remain 100% invisible as the mSpy icon will not be shown on the target phone.

It requires up to 5 minutes to set it up.

Pricing Plans & Packages

Different plans are available based on the facilities they provide and the number of months. If you wish to buy mSpy, you can buy their Basic version, which would give you access to all details in your target device, except social media app monitoring. They also have a Premium package, and a No-Jailbreak version as well. Make sure to read through all the specifications to ensure that the target phone is compatible with mSpy. Many premium features require rooting or jailbreaking the device.

In the age of modern science, the use of electronic devices like smartphones, laptops, etc. has become common. The young mass prefers to use these devices a lot. The internet has become the ultimate source of knowledge and communication. This has proved the internet as a priceless gift of science. But everything comes with some advantages and disadvantages. These devices might also lead to unexpected consequences if not used with proper care and self-control. In particular, teenagers and youngsters might get distracted or misled due to these devices. So, it is the duty of the parents to monitor the way in which their children are using these devices. Nowadays, there is much software available in the market for spying on other devices through monitoring apps. These have proved to be secure and reliable to monitor teenagers’ activities. This is one of the most reliable monitoring softwares in the market today.

mSpy is an application designed to spy on other devices using monitoring software. One can monitor a phone, a tablet, or a PC with mSpy. It allows you to see the call log, text messages, internet browsing history, emails, GPS location, media, and several social media applications of the target device. So, basically, it allows one to monitor all the activities of the device one intends to spy on.

How does mSpy work?

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Once installed in the target device, it runs in the background and is completely hidden. One can have access to all activities on the device from any browser. It collects the data and sends it to the online dashboard of the user from where one can view the activities of the phone. It uses the internet connection of the target phone to send the data to the Control Panel. Hence, the target device needs to have an online connection. It is completely location independent and can be used remotely.

What are the features of mSpy?

It has several useful features. Following are some features of the app:

  • Information about the target device
  • The location of the target device
  • Monitoring and blocking of websites
  • Control over the calls and the call log
  • Tracking Text and instant messages
  • Access to mails
  • Monitor and control access to installed social media apps
  • View media of the target device
  • Keylogging and Keyword alerts
  • Geofencing, which alerts you when your kid might be entering a restricted area.

Pricing of mSpy



Under this plan, one can keep track of the calls, GPS location, Text messages, media, internet activities like keyword alert and browsing history, installed applications. It does not allow you to block activities or uninstall apps from the target device. This plan also doesn’t allow you access to social media apps. This plan costs $29.99 per month, $59.99  for three months, and $99.99 for one year.


One can enjoy all the features of the mSpy app under the Premium plans. There are three kinds of Premium plans available.

  • Monthly- It costs $69.99 per month.
  • Annual- It costs $199.99 per month.

There is also a No-jailbreak package


87% of the total users seem to be really happy with this app. This app has become an ultimate way of protecting young kids from cyber crimes and keeping them away from going on the wrong path. It has also promoted the controlled use of devices among children. mSpy has become a way to keep the young mass close to the technology but away from its abusive uses. It has also given the parents relief about their children’s use of devices.

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