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Top 20 Best Apps to track Lost Smartphones

It happens to many people that sometime you lose your Smartphone and you are unable to find it. Mobile lost is one of the most common phenomena in our country and you cannot find a proper way to locate. Even our police are not having accurate tool to give you intact information and recollect the lost phone. Today I am going to give you a list of some of the best android Apps that can help you to locate your phone and play through the same. It is somehow possible to locate where you had left your phone and you can track it. This is not a full proof solution but is going to help you a lot when you lose. There is better something than nothing.

1. Find My Phone:

Find My Phone

This one is a bit popular and quiet convenient Application for all Android users. It is ideally designed to work with group of devices. If you are having common phones in your family then you can configure the App in all devices and simply locate it. Here you have to add friends and family in the App. And the App tells you the phone movements. The App is nice to use and is quiet beneficial also. You just have to add the App and you can use any other persons mobile to track your smartphone. It has simple configuration, the only thing it needs is some others phone.

2. IMEI Number:

We all know that IMEI number is. It is a unique identification number for every mobile device. It allows you to track your phone if you lose it. IMEI number is one of the most popular and accurate way to locate phone. It helps many incase of loss or theft. Now there is no App that can track the same but you can find it by dialing *#06#. And keep a note of the same. If you lose the phone go to police station and launch a complain for the same. The next thing you have to do is provide a copy of FIR and IMEI number to your mobile sim provider. And they will help you to track your mobile phone. It is possible to track the phone even when it is turned off.

3. IMEI Global Database:

This one is a online service. It is supported by many users around the world. All you have to do is add your IMEI number to the global database and if someone is using the phone or find it will contact you. It is a worth trying option because here you don’t have to keep a App in the device. You can update your IMEI number on that and check.

4. Google Android Device Manager:

Android Device Manager

This one is a free service by Google but very effective. You have to install the device manager in your mobile phone and using your existing Gmail id and you can configure it. It will give you option to locate your phone on the map. It has a option through which you can pin lock your phone or you can also wipe all the data from remote.

5. Sony my Xperia:

Sony My Xperia

This one is designed for Sony Xperia Users. I want to add this in the list because it is a worth App to try out. The App offers you a simple way to locate the phone. It is quiet handy and simple to use. Right now it only works on Xperia phone. It is a kind of security App that by default comes pre-installed in all Sony devices. You can simply use the App to locate a phone, you can lock it and you can also control the same through remote.

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