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Top 20 Best Apps to track Lost Smartphones

6. Control ME:

Control ME

As the name says this App allow you to manage your phone tracking stuff. The benefit of having this App is that it is free. You do not have any pay anything for the same. The App allows you a very simple way to control your lost phone. There are many features in that. Like you have an option to change your remote profile, you can simply configure call divert, you can fetch all your contacts through remote and do a lot more thing. You have to configure this as Device Administrators to use it properly.

7. PhoneLocator Pro: 

PhoneLocator Pro

This is a paid App and it brings many new features. It is great if you want to some additional security features to protect your phone data. Like you can use the App to run a remote wiping of all data. You can pull the call logs from the phone and you can also activate the phone camera from remote site. It is also helpful in tracking the lost device.

8. FoneFinder:

If you are having some old Nokia Symbian devices and you are still using them then you can go with this App. It is works on Symbian phone offer you a simple tracker to locate lost mobile phone. The App works when it finds a new sim is placed in the phone. You get a message on your friend’s phone that will help you to track the same. Sometime there will be also an alarm in the phone when adding a new sim.

9. Lockwatch App:

Lockwatch App

The App is handy to use. This App brings you a simple email service to locate your lost phone. Once it is installed and you had lost your phone it will secretly mail you the photos when sometime is trying to unlock the phone screen with invalid p password. It will also offer you the GPS location of the device. It will use the GPS and WiFi of your device and you can try to find you took your phone.

10. GPS Tracking Pro:

This App is bit advance and It is right to say when it comes to tracking then this one is the best App in the market. This App offers you around 28 satellites support so that you can get what is the exact location of your phone. It is very reliable to use and I found high GPS accuracy. It works through GPS and provide you a valid location. Just add the App on your device and test it.

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