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Top 20 Best Apps to track Lost Smartphones

11. Bitdefender Anti-Theft:

Bitdenfder is a popular antivirus and the App designed by it is very accurate and highly featured. It has a simple Locate option to find the phone location. And it comes with a common feature of remote wiping your data when he phone is stolen. You can do this from anywhere you want. It works through internet. If the App is removed from the device by the thief, then it will try to give you the detail of new sim which is installed in the phone. You want get this additional security layer. You can test for a month for free and then you have to pay for the same.

12. SeekDroid Find My Phone.

The App is free for those who are looking for location tracking only. It is very simple App and can help you to get the actual location of your device. You can create a login account tint he App and it will ask you for the same when you launch it. This keeps your settings saved. You can visit its site and locate the phone. You can install the App on different phone and use the same account on it. The App will give you the location on the map. It has an alarm and you can use it through sms also.

13. Kaspersky:

When it comes to a high protection solution then you can have a look on Kaspersky. This one is bit advance and has common feature but you can trust it more. It allows you a simple way through which you can manage what things others can see in your phone and you can stop those. You block spam calls, spam message and also virus. It is a nice security App that comes with stolen device tracking solution. It brings all common process of locating phone.

14. Seek Droid: 

If you are looking something very simple then checkout this one. It works through GPS and allow you an accurate location of the device on your GPS. It works well through Google Map and can help you to locate the phone. It has an option through which you can wipe out the sd card of your phone. And similar to above App you can also configure an alarm on the same and it will work well.

15. Bitdefender Anti-Theft:

If you need something updated and always with some new feature then this one is the best. Because this pp brings you a lot of options to keep you updated with all required stuff. It will protect your phone from all latest virus and malware threats. And along with that you get option to use an option to locate and protect your phone. It comes with various sms command through which you can find your phone and use it. You can enable geo location through the same and wipe out your phone storage with internet.

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