8 Most Anticipated Games of 2024

It’s a new dawn and software developers have made sure that all gamers start the decade with a bang. Or several of them if that’s your turf. Gaming companies are all introducing fresh and new content. The latest releases are popping up left, right and center even from company’s people thought had exited the gaming world. Fresh faces, newbies to the game are also making features, so all gamers are in for a special treat.

With that said, we’ve made a list of the games that we absolutely can’t wait to get our hands on! Here goes:

1. Watch-Dogs: Legion

Source: Presse-citron

In a world of boundless possibilities, you can recruit and play any character you like. The game doesn’t feature a single main character, so you could play the underdog no one suspects and have fun. However, once a character dies, then they’re out of the game and won’t be featured in the next round. This avant-garde conception definitely makes it an attention-worthy game in our books.

Team up with friends as you take on fictional London on impressive machinery or conspicuous means. Choose between single plays or coalition forces with friends as you explore the fun personalities the different characters possess. Rundown a corrupt government in style in Ubisoft’s new remodel in a city infested with drones and suspicious phones. A hackers fantasy and nightmare in one, Watch—Dog really is pushing boundaries with this new and improved version.

2. Psychonauts 2

Source: Engadget

This is a throwback for long time gamers. The refurbishment under Microsoft has made this long-awaited sequel possible. The main character, Raz, plays the clairvoyant hero, ready to continue the journey he started a decade and a half ago. It seems to have come back with a bang and we, for one, are without a doubt excited about it.

Prepare to beyond the usual as you transcend feats using telekinesis and levitation. The organization’s colors finally come to light amidst all the chaos. In the most magnificent rhetoric of all time, follow as Raz finally grasps what “girlfriend” intends.

3. Marvel’s Avengers

Source: PlayStation

Get ready to play your favorite superhero in this marvel remake rumored to make its debut on September 4. Featuring demigods like the Hulk, Thor, Black Widow, this combat takes place succeeding in the dissolution of the “institution”. The heroes are forced to reconvene when a new hazard arises that puts the whole universe in danger.

Square Enix has ensured its accessibility to everyone by having it on multiple platforms. Embrace your powers as the Avengers battle to save the world that blames them for the world’s peril. Get ready to customize your dream team of four. A hero lies in each of us!

4. The Last of Us


Where most people had nearly given up on ever hearing from Naughty Dog ever again, they’ve recently proved us all wrong. They’re making a come-back this May, following the splendid pioneering game. Here we now meet Ellie, grown-up and reconciled with Joel, her mentor, and father-figure. In this post-apocalyptic macrocosm, expect more mystery and pure chaos from survivors battling corrupt mortals.

Available on PS4, follow a more agile Ellie as she hunts down those responsible and battles to restore peace. Also now available, are guard dogs with abilities to pick up characters’ scents.

5. Final Fantasy VII Remake

Source: YouTube

This PlayStation sensation is guaranteed to meet every fans’ expectation and gain not a few converts. Though only partially complete as at the moment, its superiority is still matched by few. The dramatic shift to obscured battle and dramatized playacting is sure to have us all glued to our screen for endless hours.

April 10 serves as the date of resuming an incredible gaming experience, taking you through different towns. Fight to outwit Shinra with new and better characters and new monumental wagons and transformative aircraft. Does that sound like something you want to lose day time to? We thought so too.

6. Doom Eternal

Source: PlayStation.Blog

Making a much-needed reiteration this year, is Doom Eternal, to be available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC by March 20. Id software is back to blow our minds with new cutting edge battle machinery and firebolt speed.

This model transcends earth in multiple contests with demons in a series of the most epic battles. Compatible with most gaming platforms, prepare to delve into maximum level slayer threats as you protect humanity. Now featuring a “Fortress of Doom,” unlock more exciting rooms with infinite possibilities. Brace yourself to hurl grenades at demons with the new thrilling armory. Get your suit ready warrior; the time is nigh!

7. Nioh 2


The impressive job in converting the original software into a complexly refurbished game means this will be a favorite for most this year. They’ve outdone themselves in the graphics while unlocking new powers for the Sengoku-era. Additions like more intense levels and riskier strides in the craziest locations make this a pure bliss to behold.

Discover new ways to die in this Ninja Gaiden series. Exercise exciting transformations as you encounter Yokai in dramatic battles in this new model. On hand, this March 13 on PS4, anticipate nothing less than pure entertainment.

8. Ori and the Will of the Wisps

Source: Comic Book

We simply couldn’t wait to get to this one! The long wait for the Xbox Metroidvania game is finally over. And it was worth the wait. You still get to play the titular role with a knack for adventure. As you explore utilizing your new powers amidst the impressive graphics, expect impeccable visuals.

Reach for greater heights with Ori, revisiting diverse mystery segments in the new and improved epilogue. Discover new worlds beyond Nibel in a quest to burrow into who Ori really is.

If you know anyone who’s a video game fanatic, then any one of the games will make for the perfect gift. And because we know that most of these games fall cost an arm and a leg, we’ve got a solution for you. helps you save money by offering a percentage cut off on any of the purchases. How great is that!

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