Huawei Ascend G6 Review


Huawei is struggling hard for striving stagnancy in the market; one thing to learn from Huawei is not to give up until you succeed. Huawei exploded the market with different smartphones with different specs and features but was not able to grab the world’s attention. Huawei is now all set to rundown the chase for being the number one in the market, but this rundown is for mediocre segment smartphones. Huawei is planning to release mediocre segment phone named Ascend G6. Its previous smartphone was talk of the town for longer time and was able to prove its presence among the smartphones presented by market leaders.

Huawei Ascend G6 Review
Ascend G6 is mid-range smartphone with relevant features and specs. Ascend G6 is said to be 4G enabled smartphone by Huawei, it is said that 4G enabled smartphones are much costlier than of 3G but it is reverse in Huawei’s case. Ascend G6 is priced with £210 SIM-free or you can have this phone on contract by paying approx £14 per month. It is clear that Huawei is going to rule the market because it will be the first preference for the people who wish to have super fast broadband speed but don’t want to shell out more money for it. What’s new in the new release by Huawei will be soon explored in the later section of review.

Design and Packaging:

Mediocre phone are not well-known for its design but still some smartphones company manages to provide more in less price.Huawei has tried its best in its latest smartphone, body of the Ascend G6 is plastic but it is rugged and sturdy body which can handle two to three severe beat. Phone is light in weight and handling of the phone is comfy because of its size and structure. Phone measures 131x65x7.85mmwhich means phone will not posses huge display of 5-inch or more than 5-inch. Phone has weight of 115grams, perfect for phone with mediocre size display.

Huawei Ascend G6 Design

Back of the phone is crafted with matte finish body, despite of providing matte finish for its new flagship it does not provide proper grip. Phone is given with silver strips covering three sides of the phone leaving the bottom side of the phone. Looks of the phone is rectangular body slab with curved edges on all the sides. Screen of the phone in the centre of the phone with good bezel space on the sides of display. Space above the screen is occupied by front camera on the left side followed by sensors of the phone along with earpiece next to it. Space below the screen is occupied by the home, back and options capacitive touch buttons. Back of the phone looks decent as left top space is given for camera and flash on an oval shaped strip.

Huawei Ascend G6 Rear

Centre of the back has branding of Huawei and below left is occupied with speakers of the phone. Sides of the phone is placed with essential hardware buttons like Power buttons and Volume keys on the right side of the phone and 3.5mm audio jack and microUSB slot on upper and bottom sides of the phone respectively. Look and feel of the phone is not great but not disappointing too as this phone is mediocre, design and ergonomics too falls in mediocre rating.

Display and Screen:

Ascend G6 has screen of 4.5-inch display which is mostly found in all the mid-range segment phones. Display of this flagship is not so elegant, not so impressive when compare to other smartphones in with the same display size. Ascend has continued with IPS technology for its new flagship but compare to other IPS powered display this one falls under average. Display is given with resolution of 960×540 pixels but we were expecting much more advanced display resolution by Ascend.

Test result for sRGB was not interesting as this phone was able to score with just 88% and also it was not able to produce rich vibrant color which we were expecting in the new flagship by Ascend. Brightness of the display depends upon the contrast ration which was calculated with figure of 885:1. So all we can say about the display section of the phone is little weak which we didn’t expect from Ascend.

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