Sofia Jamora’s Hot Runway Video Will Make You Sweat

Sofia Jamora is a well-known name in the Instagram world and quite an internet celebrity. She first started out as a bikini model which led her to Instagram and in a short period of time, she became a celebrity. Her images are always a sight for sore eyes, and her social media videos are nothing short of it.


That is why almost 3 million followers got their buzz going when she uploaded a hot runway video, where she is wearing white lingerie. In the video, the Instagram star is strutting down the runway, blowing a kiss to the camera just as she was turning her back. Her whole glorious body was seen, and her fantastic booty was greeting the audience.


There are a lot of seductive images from the provocative model, who has no fear of showing her assets. In case you missed some, they’re a lot of beautiful photographs in our article.



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