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Top 10 Websites for Online Mobile Recharge

Today it is very convenient to make recharge online. There are so many ways through which you can instantly recharge your device and get a bit of additional offers also. I am going to show you the best sites that can help you to get a good recharge solution. There are quiet ample of sites on the web that offer you a very fast and instant recharge solution. And that is quiet issue. I had taken into my list around 10 best free online sites that will help you to make recharge and get the service you are looking for.

These sites provides you different type of payment gateway. And they work with almost all banks, debit card and credit cards. Due to rising number of mobile phone in the market the convenience of recharging the device is less. You have to run to a nearest shop to make recharge or you simply have to use your net banking. There is little good online service that can help you a lot on fixing the issue. You can recharge your phone instantly through that. There are android apps also available for the same. So you have a simple continence of making payment through your phone also. Let’s check these best sites.

1. Paytm:

It is slowly getting the name of most popular mobile recharge website in India. It is growing at a repaid rate and brings a lot of feature through which you can make recharge and payments. It offers you various mobile phone recharges with DTH recharge also. And you have a few options also. The site has a Paytm Cash wallet. In which you can store money and also use for making payments. The site has a few sponsors that provide a lot of free offers to its users. Like discount on apparel, free recharge points, etc. It has an android application also. On the occasion of Independence Day the site is offering an Rs.70 if you are recharging for Rs.30 or above. You can grasp this offer soon. Along with this you can make bill payments and also book bus tickets.

2. Saholic recharge:

This one is the second in the list. Saholic is a very popular ecommerce site that gives you great range to buy various products online and instantly. They have a panel from where you can recharge your phone and make recharge. The site has a good choice to make recharge for mobile phone and similar to the above site it also provide you a few free offers. Along with recharge you can check out some great deals on the site. These deals are easy to grab and offer you value for money output.

3. RechargeGuru:

This site looks a bit outdated but it is good for those who are looking for big volume recharge. This site offers you a maximum recharge of Rs.5000 for MTNL Delhi 3G. You cannot get the service on other site. The site offer service on all parts of India and target every major state. Along with mobile recharge the site has some customized products that you can use. Like if you are a BSNL user you can get an on demand custom made online recharge. This starts from Rs.10. You get maximum of Rs.1000 limit to choose the amount of your choice. The site is good to grab some really affordable deals for mobile recharge.

4. Anytime Recharge:

This site is supported by mobiwik. It is a good site to go with lots of recharge service. It has almost the entire recharge option of all mobile telecom providers for India. The site allows you to recharge mobile, DTH and data card. All you have to do is select the thing and add your mobile number with amount. Click on go recharge button. It is a fast way of making payment and easy to use. Due to its simple interface it is easy for you to make payment. It won’t take much time for you to get money in your mobile phone. You can create an account on the site and you can keep a track of your recharges in it.

5. Oneindiarecharge:

Oneindiarecharge is quiet similar to AnytimeRecharge. But the site has a simple interface. It allows you to use different payment options to recharge your phone. You can use your debit/credit card on the same and make payment. It is the best place to choose plans for your device. It supports almost all telecom providers in the market. Just by typing your number the site select the circle and telecom provider on its own. So you don’t have to go with manual selection of the same. You will get the best recharge plans at the right side of the website. Many of them are hard to find on the official site.

6. Freecharge:

Freecharge is something more entertaining. You can do more with your regular recharge. You can earn a bit of money through the same. The site allows you to get some really interesting offers to make recharges. The site guarantees you a freebie on each and every transaction you do through the site. From here with your regular recharge you can pick coupons to get some offers. Like for Rs.1 you get an Rs.25 free from Flipkart on your next recharge. In the same way you can buy an Rs.5 coupon of McDonalds to get a free burger and ice tea on your purchase. It is good to create an account on the same and pick free coupons. Coupons once bought can be bought again.

7. Mobiwik:

It is another popular site for making mobile recharge. The good think about this site is that you can not only make recharge but you can view plans and choose one from the same. The site offer you to make mobile, television, data cards, bills and shopping payments. The site has a wallet offer in which you can keep money and you can make recharge. Similar to above site this one also brings a lot of new offers and features that you can go for. It is also a good site to track all plans in your region.

8. IndiaMobileRecharge:

This site brings a few benefits for prepaid users. The site actually works with It is just a door where you can visit and look out for some offers. You can also go directly on fast recharge to make payment. It has a simple ui and you can add the amount you want to make for payment. Fastrecharge does not allow you to make any payment unless you create an account on the same. There were few offers before on IndiaMobileRecharge which was great for prepaid users. They are not missing.

9. Official Site of Telecome Provider:

I also want to add this in my list. Because there are chances that many of you might not trust third party websites for making payments. Here you can go with the official site of telecom provider. Like you can go on the idea website to make payment. You have to add your number, choose your circle and select the top up. You can then directly make payment through your netbanking, credit and debit cards. Almost all telecom providers have an online recharge section. You can instantly use the top up from the site and make payment.

10. Netbanking:

The last option is to use your favourite’s banks net banking feature. Today almost all banks have added a spate section in net banking for making payments. You can click on bills and recharge to make payments. For example HDFC. You can go in the bill section and you can make various payments. It is continent because here you don’t have to type your password while payment. You are not redirected to any other banking site. You just have to type the number, the amount and click on recharge. It is the most secure way of recharging your phone and you get instantly balance to your phone. Remember using this kind of service can carry extra charges.

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  2. You can do an online mobile recharge either through your service provider’s website or through app. However, the latest trend is to go to sites that are meant only for mobile/DTH recharges. They offer quick and simple payment options and use various payment gateways.

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