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Rita Ora Broke Boundaries With a Strange New Music Video

The 29-year-old music star, Rita Ora, released a new song called “How To Be Lonely” earlier this month, and finally, the official music video for the song saw the light of the day this Friday.

Rita once again didn’t fail to surprise her faithful fans with the new video strange parts.

Image source: YouTube

The video is full of innovative scenes. “How To Be Lonely” consists of very bizarre things such as: hugging with a bear, sitting in a tub full of gold liquid, walking in a room full of eggs, then breaking them and wallowing in them, etc.

Image source: YouTube

The first striking scene is Rita walking trough the crowd full of couples making out and is looking very uncomfortable being around them. Then, all of a sudden a cupids bow hits her right in her heart.

Image source: YouTube

Dancing with a skeleton is something that would never cross your mind Rita could ever include in her work, but it certainly looks incredible.

Image source: YouTube

The part that can make many utterly upset is when her face is covered with ants, and she is unable to get rid of them.

Image source: YouTube

The hitmaker is literally wearing a heart as her necklace, which is carrying a powerful message.

Image source: YouTube

And that is not all, check out the whole work of art that is the most extraordinary Rita Ora ever published.


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