Top 7 Android Apps That Will Help Students 2024

Student life is busy and demanding. Any help with homework assignments as MyHomeworkDone does is a welcome relief for students studying online, in physical colleges, or taking short courses. But that’s not the only option available. Android also has incredible apps to assist students in taking on different tasks, including writing, editing, citation, and proofreading, among other activities. And (usually) it’s free, which is very pleasant for a student’s budget!

The Android operating system is preferred because of its widespread use on gadgets. Developers for the android OS are also highly innovative and deliver groundbreaking innovation for app users. Here are incredible apps that will transform the life of a student by assisting in such areas as memory, organization of school work, learning different languages, and controlling expenditure, among other areas of concern for a student.

1. Study Blue

Source: Google Chrome

Studying is not limited to a particular area. A student would desire to have all materials at a single location. Since it is not possible to carry the books and notes everywhere you go, the Study Blue intervenes to make it easier and simpler to study anywhere still you wish.

Study Blue allows you to upload materials on the platform for easier access through the phone or other devices. You can also create e-flashcards that will simplify your study. The materials and flashcards can be shared internally or on platforms outside Study Blue. The app is free and delivers incredible features that will simplify learning for students in all grades.

2. Photomath

Source: Microblink

Photomath is an incredible app for students studying math at all grades. Most of the existing apps for math require students to enter the figures and functions manually. Photomath only requires an image of the question to complete the exercise on your behalf.

Photomath works by scanning the question and providing answers. Students prefer it because it saves time and does not require a lot of engagement with the exercises. Photomath allows you to complete the activities in the shortest time imaginable.

The popularity of Photomath also arises from the fact that it can handle multiple topics. These topics range from arithmetic to geometry and calculus. The app will also assist you in learning the basics of each subject, enhancing your ability to handle the topics at an advanced level.

3. Oxford Dictionary


Proper grammar and vocabulary are important for students writing essays or completing exercises on all subjects. A student with perfect mastery of language will deliver captivating essays that are interesting to read and understandably express the ideas. The dictionary ensures that all your written work is grammatically correct and captures the perfect vocabulary for the context.

The oxford dictionary is an app for all students. The expectation is that students will deliver legible prose. Errors in your essays will affect the quality of work you submit and even distort your arguments. The Oxford Dictionary will also help you to choose the perfect words for your essays.

The app is updated regularly to ensure that you capture the best words and expressions for each context. The app gives you a chance to choose different English language adaptations from around the world. The visuals and layouts are intuitive, giving you the best user experience. It also allows the translation of words from different languages.

4. Evernote

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Notes are everything in the life of a student. They take a lot of time to copy, format, and transfer into different platforms. Evernote makes it easy for students to take notes, organize them, create flashcards, revise for examinations, and study from any location.

Evernote is designed with the student in mind because you can attach links, checklists, audio files, images, and checklists, among other types of materials that will support your studies. Evernote also allows you to synchronize the notes on different devices that can be accessed from anywhere.

Evernote continues to innovate features that enhance user experience. Among the additional features for the paid version is the ability to synchronize the notes or files on unlimited devices. These notes will also be stored in an organized manner that makes retrieval easier. The reasonable price of Evernote makes the app a life-changer for students.

5. GoConqr

Source: Skyose

GoConqr is an innovative platform designed for active and self-driven learning. It will help you in memorizing your lessons and notes by creating mind maps. The app helps you to create a topic overview, main topics, and subtopics that will simplify your revision process.

The app has integrated a planner where you can determine the time to be spent on each exercise or topic. You set study goals and monitor your performance on each goal. This app will also assist you in creating cards in directions, context, and curate your learning resources.

GoConqr is available free of charge for basic features. These features will fit the needs of an ordinary student without incurring additional expenses. The features on the app can be personalized to reflect the desired features.


Source: Soft Famous

ToDoList is one of the fastest-growing apps for students. It allows a student to live the most organized life. It will also save the student from the trouble of missed deadlines and competing activities that demand his or her time.

TODOLIST helps you to organize your life beyond the assignments and lessons you are required to take in college. The planner gives you a template for 24 hours in a day, allowing you to account for your scheduled time for lessons and unscheduled hours like breaks or weekends. The app is easy to use and comes with incredible graphics that will deliver an incredible user experience.

7. Pocket Budget

Source: Android Authority

College students do not have a lot of money at their disposal. The little that is available has to last the semester. PocketBudget is your best app for managing finances. The app displays all your expenses in the form of a pie chart, list, or other formats you may desire to use. The charts are customized to reflect your money usage mannerisms. It keeps you in control of your finances.

The best android apps for students should help you to solve multiple concerns. The cost should be reasonable or, where possible, free. Choose apps that will solve your individuals’ challenges using the least features possible.

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