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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Preview

The Galaxy Note series by Samsung is one of the most rocking phablet yet seen. Note 3 is the latest edition that brought many new things. Still copying its predecessor Note 3 termed to be an amazing phablet which is ideal for multimedia, photography, gaming, and almost all things you can do on android. After that what. What is the next level Samsung is thinking. They had provided a 1.3 GHz Quad core processor with 3GB RAM on the same and an impressive 5.5inch display. Now after this we will find out how the upcoming Galaxy Note 4 will be. What it is going to bring new that can attack a huge consumer base of India? There are few months when the new Galaxy Note 4 is going to appear in India and many are having eyes on the same.  This one is a highly anticipated model for this year. The phone is already announced at IFA Expo due to which we are able to provide you a short preview about the device. This preview targets a lot of information that can help you to understand the upcoming Note 4 device.

We are able to find the exact information about the device. But there can be some difference after final launch but it is quite sure that most of the details that I am going to post are real. This new device will get a bit upgrade in the screen size. It will have a 7-inch QHD display that makes it bigger and will offer you a maximum resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. The league of Super AMOLED display continuous here. Surely new deice means a powerful hardware. Samsung is going to upgrade the 1.7Ghz A7 processor to 2.5 GHz Quad-core Snapdragon 805 SoC. This would be the latest one and to support the device there will be two qua core CPU in the same. If this is skipped then surely there will be two Cortex A53 & Cortex A57 processor to handle a lot more applications and game. It will be powered by the latest Android 4.4.3 Kitkat operate system with the same Samsung TouchWiz UI with many more upcoming updates.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

A few rumours states that this time Samsung Galaxy Note 4 might have a 4GB ram instead of 3GB. We also agree with that. Because as the series says Galaxy Note 2 has 2GB RAM, in the same way Note 3 has 3GB and following the series Note 4 would carry a 4GB ram. This makes Note 3 first mobile in the market to have this much ram. There will be three choices in the storage which starts from 16GB. Other two variation are 32 & 64GB. And the common expandable solution up to 128GB through SD card. Samsung is planning to power the front camera so that you can take a lot more amazing front photos. And the back camera might lie around 16MP. The camera will be further supported by Optical Image Stabilization and a few additional features pushing the mobile photography to the next level. There will be all new and standard type of connectivity options in the device. This includes the usb 3.0 with latest Bluetooth and mhl support.

There are still lots of mysteries. And when the device is finally launched in India all things will be solved. The device is planned to be released in the first week of September. But the date is not yet confirmed. Samsung has already created a huge fuzz before releasing the phone and this time Note 4 is already rocking on the web. There are ample of people who are looking for the right information and I am quite sure you can find all those details here. One thing I want to add that instead of using a plastic body this time Samsung plans to put a metal body. I hope Samsung should durable features to make device an amazing product.

A few devices which has released recently brought a heart rate monitor and finger prints canner. Samsung is going to add the heart rate monitor this time so that you can monitor your health status. This will be added near the camera module. It will help many to find out the information about heartbeat and take necessary steps before any critical problem appear. The stylus of Note 4 itself is a smart device. Samsung has proved that they do not believe in keeping things simple or outdated. They on the other hand work on delivering the best technology to its user. The stylus sits on the same place on the backside. At the front side Samsung is planning to add the fingerprint scanner to add a extra layer or security. This will be fixed with the home button so that you can instantly unlock your phone by swapping on the same. Other things are similar. Like the micro usb port at the bottom side and button on the sides with headphone jack on the top side. The design might be a lot sleeker this time. Last time when I compare Note 2 vs. Note 3, the new model was very light weight. Now there are eyes on Note 4 where design will important role.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Photo

One common thing that I had seen in Note 4 is that, this device would be the most powerful phone. And that is quiet true. Samsung would try hard to beat various brands in the market and release an exclusive product with exclusive features. The cost of this model is not yet finalized. Note 4 will get a resolution hype. A more detailed screen with power ram and better camera. All things are still under a fog. Some sites confirms that Note 4 will bring a 12MP camera, while as per my search I found this device will be loaded with the 16MB camera with some few powerful sensors to give you ultra high definition videos and images. And fingerprint scanner will be introducing for the first time. Performance point of view Note 4 is not going to be poor from angle. There are few Antutu reports that claim this one is the highest performing device coming up. More on Note 4.

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