Hot Racing Driver Lindsay Marie Brewer Would Rather Be in This Place Today

The racing driver Lindsay Marie Brewer is every man’s dream with her beauty, grace, and love for vehicles. Recently she posted a smoking hot image, telling us where she would rather be today, as the coronavirus is ruling the world.

Source: Instagram

The blonde beauty is posing on a beach, smiling into the camera, wearing a short black shirt with long sleeves, and jeans. She is tugging with one of her hands the upper part on denim, and the other is playfully on her hair.

Her booty looks terrific, and her tiny waist is on full display. She looks incredible, and her place where she would rather be, is a beach, as that is where the picture was taken. The Sun is making her blonde hair glow, as well as her smile.


Lindsay Marie Brewer is incredibly seductive, and in case you don’t believe us, here are some more images to prove it.


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