Deyjah Harris Admits That She Had Suicidal Thoughts

Deyjah Harris was brave enough to talk about her mental struggles that the young star had since she was 11 years old. Rapper T.I.’s daughter posted a video on her YouTube channel and shared many intimate information about her depression.

“Transparently speaking, depression and anxiety is something that I’ve been dealing with since about the age of 11,” – said the young star.

She also added that self-esteem was a problem for her, like for many teenagers. As the young lady said, she couldn’t explain that feeling because she was only 11 years old.

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although it took forever?, the mental health video has finally been uploaded on youtube. no matter what challenges you deal with, no matter where you are with your recovery, no matter how flawed you might be, there is nothing that needs to be added or taken away from who you are as a person. you can be happy and prosperous in all aspects of your life and STILL struggle. mental illness doesn’t discriminate. you’ll never be the exception to recovery so just remember to treat yourself warmly. eventually, every experience will get you exactly where you’re destined to be and it’ll all make sense. we’re going to get through this. again, i don’t have all of the answers, i’m simply here to give light to wherever there’s darkness and connect with you all. you are never alone. it’s okay if your strength looks different this season. i hope you all learn to embrace everything that comes with you and your being but most of all, as much as some of you might say i inspire you, i hope your own life inspires you. thank you so much to anyone who showed me love and support, it’s more than appreciated. enjoy ??‍♀️. link is in my bio

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“Without the proper knowledge and support, I eventually started to turn to self-inflicted coping mechanisms that weren’t too healthy or beneficial to me or my growth. I couldn’t really envision the evolution of myself due to the fact that I just felt really unmotivated to continue my journey and I also repeatedly had thoughts of me not being here anymore.” – continued the T.I.’s daughter.

The beautiful girl also had a strong message for all the people who are going through something similar, as she said that despite the anxiety and depression, a healthy lifestyle is possible.

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“Try drinking tea or giving yourself a nice bath or shower. Try giving yourself a facial, or going to get a facial.” – advised Harris.

However, as per her words, the biggest help was when she stopped using social media platforms.

The brave lady sent an important message, and we can just applaud her for the courage to talk about the important issues.

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