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Kailyn Lowry’s Doctor is Pushing Her on Induced Labor, Even Though She is Scared of It

Kailyn Lowry will have to experience induced labor with her fourth baby, according to her doctor. Apparently, after the ultrasound check-up, she got advice to induce her birth earlier than she expected.

The beautiful actress posted a photo of a lion toy and sonogram picture with the feet of her new baby. She wrote under the picture comment, where she shared her concerns.

“Little feet. New doctor is pushing for induction. I’ve never been induced & had smooth labor & deliveries. Experiences??”

According to the What To Expect, the labor contractions can be induced for many different reasons. Sometimes it’s induced because of some complications or because the new mother is overdue. However, the 28-years-old actress didn’t reveal why the doctor advised her for this kind of labor.

The MTV star already has three babies, Lux, Lincoln, and Isaac, and all of them are from different fathers. When she announced that she was waiting for the fourth baby and didn’t want to reveal the father’s identity, the star received many critics. That’s why the actress switched her account in private mode.

Source: People.com

However, she decided to switch back to the public account when she posted the newest sonogram photo.

We hope that the New Mom 2 star will have a smooth and easy labor.

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