After Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Also Seduced Colin Farel?

The love life on Angelina Jolie is always in the center of everyone’s attention. Maybe that’s why there were a lot of rumors about her partners.

They were many gossips that in 2004 she was dating Colin Farel while the couple was filming the movie, Alexander. According to RadarOnline, the couple didn’t make it because they both had a wild lifestyle. However, it seems like the actor is changed so now the famous actress would date him. Apparently, the couple got together on the premiere of Dambo movie, in which Colin Farel played.

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Jolie showed up at the premiere with four of her kids, which for some media, was the evidence that the couple is dating again.

“Angelina was really into Colin back then and has always considered him the one that got away,” – said a suspicious source.

However, the stories are not true, as Angelina and Colin never actually dated. First of all, the source closed to both actors said that they have never been together, and that’s just a rumor started by some media. Second, the fact that the actress came with her kids doesn’t mean anything. The movie Dambo is a family movie, so it’s absolutely normal for the actress to bring children.

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The truth is that the actress hasn’t been involved with anyone publicly, since her divorce from Brad Pitt. Currently, the gorgeous woman is focusing on her children and her career.

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