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Esha Gupta Looks Like Kendall Jenner’s Twin in a New Snap

A 34-year-old Indian actress, Esha Gupta, is one of the most beautiful girls in Bollywood.

She recently shared a snap, having a freckle filter on, which made her look like a beauty queen. She has a touch of makeup on, and her hair is tied up into a ponytail, so she looks all-natural.

Her, almost five million, fans were not surprised by her beauty, but they had a strange thing to say.

“You look like Kendall here,” one fan commented.


Just one snap earlier, Esha gave out Angelina Jolie’s vibe wearing a stylish black dress. Still, some followers jumped into the comment section criticizing her makeup, saying: “When your makeup artist is not coming home.”


Esha’s beauty is undebatable, see it yourself in her following Instagram posts:




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